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Best Crossbow

It turns out the industry of Crossbow Bolts is about as monopolized as any industry can get. Tragic as it may seem, this practice destroys the principles of free enterprise. It is only the poor uninformed consumer who bears the brunt of too many middlemen.

These are short little arrows that range in length from 8″ for pistol crossbows and are usually 20″ -22″ for rifle crossbows. The Crossbow bolt or Crossbolt is stiffer and heavier than a conventional arrow due to the increased poundage capability of the crossbow versus the conventional bow. Recent development in carbon fiber technology has transcended the old bendable aluminum bolt into oblivion. Carbon bolts are superior in flight characteristics and durability. This manufacturerprovides a solution http://0059e80.netsolhost.com/

The Crossbow bolts can be equipped with a target point or an insert that accepts a screw in field tip or broadhead suitable for hunting. The crossbow is still used in our times by various militaries, tribal forces and in China even by the police forces. As their worldwide distribution is not restricted by regulations on arms, they are used as silent weapons and for their psychological effect, even reportedly using poisoned projectiles. Crossbows are used for ambush and anti-sniper operations or in conjunction with ropes to establish zip-lines in difficult terrain.

The cost of a dozen quality bolts from varying manufacturers and distributors ranged from -0 for six retail. The most inexpensive distributor cost buying 600 pieces was .95 per six bolts. I was able to locate one manufacturer that sells them to anyonewithouthaving to be a dealer or distributor. Here’s the link

http://0059e80.netsolhost.com/Enjoy this article and benefit from it’s information

Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to shoot a zombie, which is the best crossbow to get from the sports shop?
    they’re everywhere, they’re hungry, i want the best velocity crossbow with a prod that won’t shatter on me and double my problems. anybody know anything about crossbows? help, quick!

    • ANSWER:
      Most any crossbow will do the job. The secret is in the bolts (arrows). If you buy your anti-zombe arrows only from a reputable Voo Doo shop you will be in great shape. When you shoot them, do not be concerned with mounting a trophy because they smell terrible, are hard to clean and no reputable taxidermy shop will want to mount it for you. Just enjoy shooting them but leave them lay.

    What is the best crossbow out there?
    I was thinking of getting a crossbow for hunting. I wanted to know what is the best you can get for price, power and accuracy. I also wanted to know how much that would cost. Also what’s the best bolts for hunting you can get and how much do they cost. Also are these crossbows able to take down bigger game, because i would prefer that so I could hunt bigger game like moose if i ever do. I heard excalibre is a good crossbow but I have no idea.

    • ANSWER:
      PSE TAC 15i will be the best crossbow you can.

      Check the review here:


      MSRP: 99.99

      We have package deal for 49.99 with free us shipping here:


    What is the best quality crossbow on the market ?
    What is the best selling crossbow on the market right now that has excellent quality?

    • ANSWER:
      Im a hunter and all the people that hunt on tv use excalibur crossbows. They have a website A while back i bought a mathews compound bow for deer hunting since that was what they all shoot, its the best shooting bow ive ever shot.

    What would be the best crossbow bolts to use deer hunting,?
    Using a Barnett wildcat cross bow? Knowledgeable crossbow hunters please answer in detail, length , weight and any other revilement info.Thanks in advance.
    This crossbow has ben covered with camouflage tape and It’s impossible to tell which model it is, also which is best the carbon or aluminum bolt?

    • ANSWER:
      If your wildcat is a C5 you need to use a 20 inch 2219 arrow with a half moon nock
      If your wildcat is an XL you need to use a 16 inch 2216 arrow with a half moon nock
      So look at what you have and the correct arrow will be one of these two.

    What is the best crossbow for hunting Whitetail Deer?
    Do I need to concentrate on poundage and/or FPS ? I want to go hunting Deer and possibly Beer in NYS next year, 2011, when it becomes legal.
    Wallow……, first of all everything I killl for the meat. I do hunt for sport and to feed my family, but hunting is no different then what a butcher does. Secondly, I came here for advise and assistance, not your dribble…… GET A LIFE….. !

    • ANSWER:
      Try a Barnett. Burt find out what legal requirements may exist in your state first.

      To Wallow: Have you ever seen the crop damage that deer can do to a corn field? Or how badly they can mess up the front end of a car? That’s what deer can do to us.

    What is the best Crossbow on the market right now to buy and why would you recommend it?

    • ANSWER:
      I like Barnett® Quad 400 Package

      Was looking for a quality crossbow for an affordable price. Found one. It is extremely fast and accurate. After sighting in the top line on the scope, I was very impressed with its power. Almost knocked my block target over from 23 yards. Took 3 shots from my house, about 65 yards, and all were 8-10 inches apart, including one dead center. Can’t wait till I get a chance to put it into action. Received the crossbow very quickly and in great shape.


      Hope you like it too.Good Luck!

    What is the best adhesive for Barnett crossbow carbon arrows?
    The threaded inserts came loose inside my crossbow arrows. What’s the best adhesive I can use to put them back inside so they’re snug and will stay put?
    The shafts are carbon, the manufacturer is Barnett, and [of course] the threads are metal.
    I have E6000 that works well for leather, but I’ve never adhered to carbon arrowshafts before, so I’m playing a Girl Card.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are a few that will work for you.

      Premium Goat tuff glue

      Quantum XT

      Power Bond Adhesive

      Ferr-L tite glue

      These will keep your inserts in place and will not become brittle, All of them are designed for using on your inserts. But the ferr-L tite has to be melted and applied to the insert while still hot. This one is more trouble then the others, but it does work also.

    Whats the best crossbow pistol?
    Im looking for the best 80lbs crossbow for a fairly good price.

    • ANSWER:
      Get the cheapest one.
      I have several, basically they are all just chinese, low quality.
      Just buy for the features that appeal to you visually. Most of them dont even have a brand name, or the same exact ones are called by different names depending on production batch or importer or whatever makes chinese products decide a name.
      They are all pretty cool, it’s just that there aren’t different companies with advantages over others.
      I just bought an NC Star compound crossbow with fishing rig, it is chinese and chintzy, but It looked cool and had features that I hadn’t seen before, that’s all

    What is the best crossbow for hunting whitetail?

    • ANSWER:
      I have used Ten Point ProFusion (175lb) and Horton 175HD. I killed deer with both easily. I did like the Ten Point for quality, but the scope on the HD was more desirable. The built in accudraw was nice in the Ten Point, I had to use a bought c0cking device for the HD which wasn’t too great. They are both wonderful in accuracy tho,…I made 60 yd shots with mechanical broadheads on deer, and when I practiced at 60 yards with fieldpoints, I could put 6 bolts in a 6″ group.
      Go to your archery shop and ask to try some out and make up your own mind. Alot will depend on budget. I want to get a Stryker, but they are ridiculous $$$$. Both bows mentioned, I really liked. See what works best for you. (HOYT can be VERY noisy and heavier) Good Luck!!

    what is the best crossbow on the market?
    been thinking about taking up archery as a hobby and I was wondering which bow was the best for a beginner

    • ANSWER:
      If you are thinking of taking up archery,you had better re-think your choice of bow,an archery club
      will not accept you as a member if you wish to use a x-bow,besides being good at short range they
      tend to run out of energy after about 50yds or so,they shoot a small shaft called a prod,with fletchings
      and without,best one’s are the american hunting x-bows of some 150lbs,expensive though,and still
      better used at the shorter range,as bow hunting is,between 30-50yds…
      your choice of starter bows are,flat bow,re-curve bow,compound if you are able to master the release,
      But join a club,you will need insurance,and it’s illegal to mess around with a pro,bow in the park or
      on waste ground…..

    Best crossbow to get for hunting?
    I want to get a cool looking crossbow but they are all over 300 dollars. I would like one that is over 250 fps and is less than 200. If you know of any, please put the link to it in you answer. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you check your regs. A lot of states wont allow someone to hunt with a crossbow unless they are physically handicapped. Just don’t want to see you waste your money.

      If you are going to get a crossbow then I would look at saving some more money. If it costs less then 0 then it isn’t worth it. You might be able to get a good used one. Try craigslist or ebay.

    Whats the best crossbow for hunting? Are they good for hunting?
    I mean, don’t the animals get scared and run when it fires? I supose it takes about 2 seconds to the arrow hits the target…

    • ANSWER:
      Excalibur makes great crossbows. Although it sounds like you haven’t researched this idea a lot. Make sure you can even hunt in your state with a crossbow. A lot of states only allow it if you are physically handicapped.

      Yes the animals do get scared and run when they fire but the bolt gets there a lot quicker than 2 seconds. Sometimes animal will, jump the string, which means they will dodge the bolt, but usually a crossbow is too fast and you hit the animal before they have time to react. With a compound bow the arrows are usually going slower and the animal can jump the string. I had one jump my string at 35 yards. I was shooting 280 fps.

      So my advice is to look up your laws and then decide if it is something you are still interested in. I myself prefer a compound over a crossbow any day. I have more fun shooting a compound. That is just me though.

    What type of string is best for a crossbow?
    I made the perfect crossbow. All I have i yarn, string, and rubber bands…

    • ANSWER:
      depends on the draw weight of the arms

      yarn and rubber bands do not have the strength to hold up long

      go to a bowhunting shop and ask them what is best
      take your X-bow with and show them

    I need a powerful compound crossbow. What is best quality?
    Need for extreme hunting, but never used a crossbow. What is best?

    • ANSWER:
      HORTON…Dollar for dollar the BEST Compound Crossbow on the market. You can spent 0-00 on any other brands, but you don’t have to……


    What is the best wood for a Crossbow?
    I’m 16 and my brother and i wanna make crossbow.We tried it ones but the wood brook.
    So what kinda wood should we use for the prod and the stock?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you ever heard of Yew wood? I’m not a big bow guy, but I do know that Yew wood is both strong and flexible. I have friends with Yew wood bows.

    What head would go best with a harrow crossbow shaft?
    I bought a harrow crossbow a while ago, but my friends really messed up the mesh. it was illegal so afterwards I bought new mesh and tried stringing it myself, which turned into a total fail. then my friend, who claims to know how to tried to string it. it looked alot better, but the pocket was a bit too shallow and there was way too much whip on it. I decided to just flat out get a new head. which head should I get?

    • ANSWER:
      Lax crosse,.

    Which broadhead is best for a crossbow?
    I just got a Barnett Jackal. Love the bow. I can get about 4 inch groups at 35yds with field points.
    When I switch to broadheads I’m looking at more like 12″ groups.

    Now these are cheap Walmart Realtree 1 1/8″ numbers.

    Can someone recommend a broadhead that shoots more like a field point in a crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      try about any mechanical broadhead…some r better than others…they fly like a field point, but most lack penetration.
      Also..G5 makes a nice smaller broadhead..if ya want more penetration. I prefer the traditional broadheads myself, over the mechanical type. My advice to you is, get a set of really NICE bolts..or arrows, prefferably carbon and practice… practice… practice….if possible in an indoor range, as to eliminate wind variance.
      good luck!

    Is 180 lb possible for a hand held and hand drawn crossbow. 10 points for best answer?
    I have heard that after 190lb, a hand drawing a crossbow is impossible. This is certainly reasonable, since after 200 lb, you can only draw crossbows through the use of belt hooks or legs.

    However, I am not quite so certain about 180 lb. Would people just switch to belt hook at 180 lb, or would it still be practical to use hands?
    Also, I have heard that slingers have a slow firing rate. However, I am still quite certain that a leg-loading crossbow is slower. Am I right?
    Mad V, by hand drawing, I meant that you do not use legs at all. You just use one hand to grab the staff and one hand to pull.

    You can pull 180 lb using a longbow. A crossbow is easier to draw than a longbow.
    But why can you pull 180lb longbow using only hands?

    • ANSWER:
      Interesting! I had a couple of 175 lb crossbows and always gave it a whirl even tho I had c0cking devices…Keep in mind, Im about 220, and a mason…I got it back once, just once, and I thought the string was cutting thru my hand. The short string length is what makes it so tough. You end up only pulling with the inside fingers because of the angle of the string keeps increasing. So, with that in mind, I would have to say it probably isn’t impossible, but highly improbable.

    Does any one know how long crossbow last and witch crossbows are the best.?
    how long do the strings last and is a horton crossbow good or a withc crossbows are the best?

    • ANSWER:
      If you keep the string well waxed it should last for hundreds of shots. The cause of failure in the bow string is usually wearing thru the serving. The serving protects the string itself. When it wears thru reserve the string before any strands break in the string. If any strand breaks the string is done.
      The life of the bow itself depends on how well you maintain it. The main thing you can do to promote longevity is to unstring the prod when you aren’t going to shoot for awhile. If you leave it strung for long periods the prod can take a set and loose power. I’m talking about a conventional bow, not a compound. Compound bows (the ones with the cams or wheels) can remain strung indefinitly. With normal care your bow should last a lifetime.
      I’ve used Horton products and think they are good value for the money .

    whats the best crossbow for hunting?
    whats the best crossbow for hunting and good for the price. im looking for something under 0

    • ANSWER:
      Check out the Barnett Quad 400. It’s a good bow and is a package deal all for under 0. Here is a link to it.


    What type of material is best for creating the string section a crossbow, excluding any type of metal?
    I am building a crossbow/ballista type of thing for a competion, and I am not allowed to use any type or form of metal as the string. In this competition, accuracy is key, and power is needed. If you have any questions, please email me. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Horse tail hair I suppose. It should be strong since violins use that same sort of string.

      And you know about the String instruments. Being plucked all day. It’s gotta be tough material right?

    whats the best shield to use with crossbow on rs?
    hey i have 50 def and 43 range and im wondering what shield is best for use with a crossbow in runescape? please no hate talk about runescape like “omg its crap” ETC.

    • ANSWER:
      well it really doesnt matter, anyone that is strong and btw crossbow sucks

    runescape: rune crossbow best crossbow bolts?
    i have 61 range now i want to know what are the best crossbolts for a rune crossbow [also i need to know what bolts are the best for my range lvl that are affordable yet strong] thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Well IDK what affordable is for you. If you can wield the rune crossbow then you can pretty much shoot any type of bolt ( excluding bone or hunter since they have specific bows for them ). The enchanted bolts are great. I’ll list them in order of price & level requirements to make/use from the highest to the lowest.

      Onyx drains your opponents life to you.

      Dragon deals dragonfire damage on top of the bolts regular damage.

      Diamond has the ability of lowering your targets defense to range. They’re great against melee since the special effect softens them up for your next shots.

      Ruby sacrifices 10% of your HP to drain off 20% of your opponents.

      Emerald deals mystic poison.

      Sapphire steals your opponents prayer & gives it to you ( only works on players ).

      Topaz lowers your targets magic level ( only works on players ).

      Pearl hits your opponents with a water blast.

      Jade knocks you opponent down. ( high agility or size negates )

      Opal hits your opponent with a lightning bolt for extra damage.

      Zanicks crossbow could also be a useful alternative. It’s stats are similar to an adamant crossbow but with +15 damage to players using prayer or wearing god items ( + 3-15 on everything else ).

    Best crossbow for sale?
    Which would be the best crossbow for sale from 0-0 for a beginner. Manly for small game and scope and arrows included. If they sell one a Dicks sporting goods or Sports authority or Bass pro Shop please tell me. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      excaliber or mathews. but those are about 700 $. bernett for beginners and cheap. about 200 at acadamy

    Whats the best way to make a home-made crossbow trigger release mechanism? (to release the bow string)?
    Whats the best way to make a home-made crossbow trigger release mechanism? (to release the bow string)?
    I need to know the best way to release the bow string of a crossbow. I have a home-made crossbow but can’t make the right trigger relase mechanism.

    Additional Details

    My crossbow looks pretty bad but it is surprisingly good, I have an old axe shaft for my stock and I use longbow arrows instead of quarrels. Right now I have a gate hinge for a release mechanism but need a much better one as 20 pounds or higher of pressure can rip it of the crossbow. I estimate that my crossbow has about 50-70 pounds of pressure. Its not much, but I am searching for a leaf spring to put on. NOTE: It has no accuracy

    • ANSWER:
      This is a tough question when a drawing can not be used. But I will try.
      First the crossbow needs to have a rifle like stock; one thing is for strength and size enough to hold the trigger mechanism. The basic parts are a bow string holder and a trigger. In the stock a groove is made to lay the arrow or bolt, at the distance from the bow that the bow string would be pulled back to a string holder or release would be inlet into the stock. This release would be a disk apox. 1 inch in diameter and ¾ inch thick made a material such as aluminum . The release would protrude about 3/8th of an inch above the groove. This disk would rotate on an axel supported by the stock. Picture the groove in the stock going completely through the disk so an arrow slide in the groove clear through the disk. To hold the string a notch parallel to the bow string would be made in the disk at a slight rearward slant. Now looking at the left side of the stock picture the disk mounted in the stock and it has recess cut into the disk at 9 the o’clock position with relief cut into it towards 6 o’clock. The trigger is actually a lever that is pinned in the stock, with the finger part extending below the stock. With the length below the pin being aprox. 2 X the amount above; this gives leverage to pull the trigger away from the disk under the pressure of the bow string trying to rotate the disk. The upper part of the trigger is called a sear and it holds the disk from rotating counterclockwise under the pressure of the string. When the trigger is pulled to the rear. The upper part moves forward allowing the disk to rotate counter clockwise allowing the string to move forward propelling the arrow. The trigger needs a spring to push the sear into the notch of the disk. The sear and the disk must mate together so it hold the disk but also can be released. Hopefully this helps.

    what is the best crossbow for 300 bucks or less?
    i want a quality bow for a cheap price without sacrificing to much quality

    • ANSWER:
      this is like asking what gun is the best.it is not that easy and you will prob get a different answer from everyone you ask.crossbows are reallly getting experience, i have used the sanme crossbow for about 12 years.i have a horton hunter xl 175 with a 4×32 scope.it works great and is very accurate with the right bolts.i use the new carbon express 20″maxima hunter crossbolts.it has kevlar made into them to make it stonger.it has the weight foward technology.the vanes are the blazers or smaller size.normally my xbowe shoots arounf 304 fps.with these new and faster bolts i can get close to 310 fps.some exbows shoot alt faster but it is not needed except to just comfort you.i have shot hogs close to 400lbs wit these and the hof never kne what happened. the bolt stuck in the ground on the exit side and buried about 4″ in to the ground.now you have to shoose your broadheads and no one agrees on these either.i use the muzzy 3 blade 125 gr broadheads.i have had this exact setup go thru both shoulder and bone on a hog and still come out the other side.
      i am simply telling you what i use and how it works.do not let anyone play robin hood with you and tell you they are accurate out to 60 yards because that is just not true.you will not a find a new crossbow for 0 or less.you may find a used one for that price.horton is just as good as any other brand but are a little heavier and better madei have never had to replace my string either.no matter where you gp or who you ask you will never get the same answer.ebay has a few good deals and you may be able to get the people to come fown on their prices.
      —————-retired texas deputy sheriff—————–

    What Crossbow is a better buy the Parker cyclone or the Barnett Predator AVI?
    I’m interested in buying a crossbow this year but I would like some opinions! Whats the best crossbow for your money? I don’t want to spend 00 on a ten point! Also I like the compound type of the crossbow not the ex-caliber equinox, Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      excaliber by far

    Where is the best place to get carbon crossbow bolts?
    my owner’s manual says that the bolts should have an gpi of 13.78 with a 125 grain tip for a total of 454 grains in 2219 dia. i’m having trouble finding them and I don’t have a lot of money to spend. so, the best price would be good too.Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Cabela’s., Bass Pro, arcery pro shops,etc- If this fails, get on the net and type in www.crossbow.com

    what is the best crossbow?
    i want a crossbow that is fast and accurate and can travel far

    • ANSWER:
      The fastest crossbow on the market is made by Bow Tech-here is a link to it.


      But here is a link to Barnett crossbows that are made well and are not so high priced. But will still shoot extremely fast. Just look at what is available and make your choice
      http://www.barnettcrossbows.com/ Good luck!

    Whats the best crossbow I can get for about 0?

    • ANSWER:
      Your not going to get a new one thats even somewhat decent for that price. I would suggest checking your local classifieds or craigslist. You may find a decent one used for that price.

    What Crossbow is the best when it comes to hunting a Grizzly Bear? ?
    And what brand is the best?



    • ANSWER:
      im going to say Excalibur but i wouldn’t trust a crossbow you should beng a 9mm handgun and 2 hunting knives staysafe

      Good hunting

      big j

    on runescape i am lvl24 my range is 5 what is the best crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      well if you’re in the pheonix gang then just use a pheonix gang crossbow…but other than that there’s no real difference in crossbows

    Runescape-What crossbow bolts are the best for an Addy c’bow?
    Titles speaks for it’s self?

    • ANSWER:
      Adamant crossbow = Adamant bolts

      but they can have bolt tips stuck onto them

      so heres the order from best to worst

      Diamond Bolts (e),
      Ruby Bolts (e) – suggested for high level boss monsters only, or else it won’t be worth it ( 200 hp +),
      Diamond Bolt,
      Ruby Bolt,
      Addamant Bolt

      and i suggest you get 61 ranged, since a rune crossbow is much better than addy crossbow

    what is the best crossbow brand?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Bradon!
      For the best crossbow brand try this Cobra Bows


    What is the best crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you going fishing with your crossbow or what on the idea.

    best crossbow for hunting white tail deer?

    • ANSWER:
      If I were to get one it would be the Barnett Predator- 16 inch power stroke, 375 feet per second, and all reviews in Cabela’s are rated at five stars. Cost is 9 for a package deal. The only down side is the weight of the crossbow- 9 pounds and I’m sure that does not include scope, quiver, arrows, etc. Here is a link you may wish to look at-


    Best Crossbow to buy?

    • ANSWER:
      Check around. I like and will stand by HORTON. Great bang for the Buck. start off with a summit or explorer. You will definitely have fun and love the sport.

    who makes the best crossbow?

    • ANSWER:

    Best homemade crossbow tutorial?
    Does anyone know of a really good tutorial on making crossbows from readily available materials that fire at a good velocity? All help will be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t know any crossbow tutorial but here is a “Ottoman Bow” tutorial if you like.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7UFKPJDojs

    Runescape – What are the best bolts to use for a rune crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      diamond tipped bolts (e). but if you are training i would use the slayer bolts or the mith bolts.

    Is excalibur crossbow the best?
    I hunted with compound and traditional bows all my life. But now i got injured and looking at crossbows. So far looks like excalibur are the best as far as reviews on their quality,accuracy, and simplicity as far as changing strings in the feild. Now i like the barrnett as far as price but herd they have problems with their limbs and only have a 1 year warranty. Ten point seems to be at the top of the line for the compound crossbows. So i guess my real question is TENPOINT compund vs EXCALIBUR recurve crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      The Ten point and the Excalibur are the two highest priced crossbows on the market. The ten point has a lifetime warranty, but states abuse is not covered, and the limbs have a 5 year warranty. Here is a link to it.-http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/Warranty.asp

      The excalibur crossbow does not list a warranty of any kind on it’s web sight. All other matters are addressed except the warranty. This seems very suspicious to me.I would never buy a bow that does not put it’s warranty in writing.I am sure it will have a warranty of some kind, but I could not locate it on the bows web sight. Here is a link to their web sight-


      Plus the excalibur is a recurve limb only crossbow and personally I don’t think I would like that. There would be no let off at all as the limbs would be at there full holding weight of 200 lbs or so.

      I feel the Ten point is the best bow. In most crossbow magazine articles the Ten point is the top crossbow to get, not the Excalibur.

    what is the best material or type of string for a crossbow?
    what is most commonly used and is generally good

    • ANSWER:

    Other than going to the ER, what is the best way of removing a crossbow bolt from the meaty part of my thigh?

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t pull it out, push it through.
      It helps if you pour gunpowder around, and on, the bolt and spark it off when you pull it through.
      Since you just pulled a flaming rod through your leg, you just may have sterilized the affected area.
      This is good.

      Hope this helped.

    Whats the best type of crossbow for someone who just started? Link would be appreciated?

    • ANSWER:
      http://www.outdoorsexperience.com. I hope this helps!*

    What is the best beginner crossbow?
    ok so my dad uses a compound bow to hunt elk with, but i was thinking that maybe i want a crossbow to hunt with. but i don’t know anything about them or what is good and what isn’t. so i’ll just tell you what i need and hopefully you can help me out. so i need one that can take down bull elk and mule deer pretty easy. one that is good for a 15 year old. and last it has to be cheap ( like 300$). so thanks to anyone that helps.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a link to the Barnett Wildcat crossbow sold by Bass Pro shops. It sells for around 0. Be sure and read all the reviews on the Wildcat. Some were well pleased with it and others were not. But I believe it is a good value for the money it cost.


    10 Points for Best Answer…Wrist Rocket/Crossbow?
    So we have a school project where we have to launch a certain object a specified distance, and we plant to achieve this by making a crossbow. However, instead of using string attached to a “bow” as in a conventional medieval crossbow, we’re going to use stretchy surgical tubing, as seen in most Wrist Rockets. My question is, what kind of grade tubing is this, and where can I find it online?

    Thanks, and a definite 10 points to the best answer!
    (p.s. some links that are helpful might get you the points…)

    • ANSWER:
      I think that’s called “wrist rocket grade” tubing. But seriously, I think silicone tubing is silicone tubing.

    best RECURVE crossbow for under 0?
    is there a recurve out there that can produce a velocity of atleast 300fps have atleast 150lbs or preferably more draw weight and be of half decent build quality? ie: not made in china..
    if not how about a compound xbow with similar features that does NOT require a bow press to change the string?
    its a straight forward question, answers from people who actually know what they’re talking about would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      No, there is no recurve on the market that will shoot over 250 FPS. And you can not pull back a recurve bow that has a draw weight of 70 lbs or better due to the nature of it’s design. But high speeds are not needed for hunting. Speed doesn’t kill, accuracy kills.

      The crossbow on the other hand will produce those speeds and even more with 150lbs or more of draw weight.

      But the strings will have to be replaced using a bow press. I use a portable bow press to get the job done with my compound bows. I can only guess it will work on the heavier draw weight of the cross bow.. Here is a link to the one I use. This is a compact portable press that can be carried in a small utility / tackle box with your other neccesities. Here is a link to it-


    Best wood for crossbow?
    I’m 16 and my brother and i wanna make crossbow.We tried it ones but the wood brook.
    So what kinda wood should we use for the prod and the stock?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Your stock could be made of most any hardwood. But the limbs should be made of Osage Orange. This is the wood most American Indians used for their bows. It is not affected by temperature changes, moisture or humidity. Plus it will not lose it’s strength over the years.Go to a website showing you the steps to take to turn it into a bow limb.

    What Bow / Crossbow should I use in Runescape?
    Tell me the best bow AND crossbow i can have for level 55 Ranged. Thanks.

    Also could somone tell me what items are the best of the best for rangers Thanks also!

    • ANSWER:
      The best crossbow you can use is adamant c’bow
      The best bow you can use is magic (i’d recommend shortbow but longbow works too)

      The best non PvP armour for ranged is armadyl, The best pvp armour is morrigans.
      The best bow/crossbow is debated between crystal bow and darkbow / rune c’bow and karil’s c’bow
      Best boots are ranger boots
      Best cape is probably fire cape or ava’s attractor.
      Best amulet is probably fury.
      Best ring is archers ring
      Best gloves are barrows gloves i think

      Best arrows are rune (p++) and best bolts are onyx bolts (e) or dragonstone bolts (e) (i cant remember if onyx bolts exist)

      Hope that helped.

    RuneScape Range, what the best sheild to weild while useing crossbow?
    without lowering range stats or less of posserble? i have 40 def

    • ANSWER:
      Any God book (zammy recommended, though guthix/sara are ok too for their prayer bonuses). You could also wield mage book, but that’s pretty useless if you’re ranging.

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