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Frequently Asked Questions

    Cheap crossbows,How good and or bad are they?
    Looking for serious input on them .Any suggestions or ideas on brands and places to buy one .Or places for that might have a reasonable used name brand . Long Gun type 150lb or stronger.

    • ANSWER:


      The ‘bay has some interesting stuff, www.ebay.com Barnett and Horton come up used.

      Not sure on those cheap makes, like man kung etc??? Flytech?

      Lets see if we get some answers on those brands…..

    Where can I find a cheap crossbow?
    What is a cheap but powerful crossbow? It must be able to take out a deer at the very least.
    Um…for hunting as I implyed above.

    • ANSWER:
      If looking to buy go with a used good quality cr/bow never a cheap one!
      And see if seller will allow you or them to take the bow to a qualified bow tech for inspection before the purchase.

    Does any body know were i can find a cheap crossbow for about 100 to 190 dollars?

    • ANSWER:
      Pawn Shops and Auction sites that sell used archery equipment would be a good place to start. There is a real shortage of companies that make starter Crossbows for under 0… Avoid E-bay as all they have is Chinese Imported “Junk”. If you are looking for a Hunting Crossbow check out Horton Crossbows. They have a few models for just over 0. They make really decent Crossbows. I hunt with one myself…..

    what crossbow quivers fit on the cheap 180 lb crossbow?
    Ibought a 0. 180 lb crossbow and under the front of it it has two drll holes and I wanted to put a quiver there.

    • ANSWER:
      Take the bow to a sporting store, if you want ot be sure, but the threads should be the same as a normal bow or on my Excalibur. Good hunting

    Crossbows for sale cheap?
    Is there any liggite website or store where I can buy a good 150 lb crossbow, for hunting, under 400 dollars
    I want sites taht sell bows, not scams that ‘make me money’

    • ANSWER:
      www.sportsmansguide.com !*

    Whats a good strong but cheap crossbow?
    Hey everyone, I’m going to need a decent weapon for my senior project for protection as a precaution (camping in the Pine Barrens. Don’t ask haha) I was interested in investing into a rifle, but my partner is adamantly against guns. So my first instinct was to go for either a compound bow or crossbow. Does anybody know a powerful (to take down at least a deer) crossbow for cheap (0 or cheaper)?

    • ANSWER:
      buy a quality used one for the money dont buy a cheap new one because that is what you will get!
      Look for one that has a power stroke of at least 13 plus inches.
      I use a barnett quad 400!

    What is a good type of crossbow that can take down a deer thats a good cheap price like less than 0?
    one that can take down a deer and will last, that’s pretty cheap, like less than 0 or bare minimum requirements that are less 0 or less preferably.

    just give links.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you want a new one or a used one? I could see maybe swinging 200 on a used one if your lucky, but you can pretty much forget it on a new one. I just blew 900 on a brand new crossbow and some accessories about a month ago, and some of it was sale priced. The only thing I could have saved money on was not buying the scope accessory pack. It also isn’t made of some fire-resistant polymer or anything that would jack up the price, it is just a normal, mid-priced bow. If I was to try and keep price to the absolute minimum, it would be 0 for the same bow, say -50 for 6 carbon bolts ( for aluminums), another (fixed) or (mechanical) for broadheads, and for the whole quiver assembly. If I couldn’t string or cock the bow by hand than I would throw in another for a stringing aid and a cocking rope. Somewhere down the road you need serving wax for string maintenance, but I don’t know the price (probably like or something). All together, that would still cost me 0, with the aids 0.

    i was given a Horton legend 175 crossbow whats cheap & easy way to make a target that will stop an arrow?

    • ANSWER:
      The most cost efficient arrow target I have found is polyester pillow filling from wal-mart. Stuff a cardboard box tight with the filling and it will last for years and years. Once you shoot all 6 sides of the box, move the filling to a new box and repeat. Keep it dry when not in use and the target material will last “forever”. I’ve been shooting the same filling for close to 12 years and save cardboard boxes for the next time I need a new one. I’ve shot TV boxes, microwave boxes, UPS boxes, anything about 18″ wide or more will do just fine.

    lookin for a cheap croosbow any ideas?
    since kentucky has greatly extended it’s crossbow season i am lokkin for a cheap crossbow that is accurate out to say 25-30 yards and can kill a deer at that distance

    • ANSWER:

    How do you build a very strong, yet physically small, electromagnet on a cheap budget?
    I need it to be able to hold back 60+ lbs. of tension on a crossbow style catapult. It needs to be able to fit, with the other pieces, in a 60cm x 60cm box. Although we already have ideas on how to use it to hold back the platform, any others would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      The lock up design might be the more important aspect of this design. Considering your purpose, I’d actually propose a type of solenoid instead of an electromagnet. Same principle, different practical application…

      My proposal would be to tighly wrap a very dense, thick, solenoid coil as your lock-up mechanism, then mount a cylindrical rod to your suspension platform that would slide inside of your solenoid. When the solenoid is activated, it would strongly hold the rod inside the coil, when it’s shut off, the rod will be released.

      The solenoid set up will give you a directional hold, instead of just producing a general distributed field. The electromagnet set up basically uses a solenoid to generate a field that is dispersed by the core. The solenoid will let you focus the field, giving you higher efficiency for your system (i.e. less electrical duty for the force you can exert).

      Either way, use a fine wire so you get a lot of turns down the length of your coil, and layer the coils back and forth essentially until your run out of wire. If you choose to keep the electromagnet design, then use a hockey puck shaped coil, to maximize your “grip face”, but be sure that you still have a high number of coils to generate your necessary force. If you switch to a solenoid lock up, then a pop can shape will give you a more firm hold inside the solenoid (i.e. small diameter shaft inserted into a thick layered coil with length of twice the total outside coil diameter or greater), i.e. a 1/2″ inside diameter should have 1.5″ or more total outside dia then about 3-4″ of length.

      Also, depending on how long your system will be switched on, you may need to consider a cooling system so you don’t over heat. Heat losses can damage equipment if too great, but even at mild levels will reduce the efficiency of your system, making your magnet weaker as it warms.

      I’m not entirely certain why you want to use an electromagnet lock mechanism? Seems like it’s a bit ungainly and overly elaborate for the system you’re looking at? A levered catch pin or a sacraficial tie back string would be much cheaper and easier to construct. Let alone save you from carrying around the batteries or plugging into an outlet? 60lbs really isn’t that much to hold back or release, you can buy crossbow pistols stronger than 60lbs!

    Crossbows: is there a cheaper (but still quality) alternative to Barnett-in the UK?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know if they are available in the UK, but the Horton line of crossbows and asscesories are high quality and very reasonnably priced. I have a 150lbs (about 70kg?)steel prod conventional crossbow that I’ve been very happy with.

    is there a guide to buying crossbows online?
    i bought some medieval swords a while ago i was happy with . im into medieval arts/ crafts and collectables .

    now im turning my attention to buying some crossbows, but i want to make sure i buy some REAL , QUALITY crossbows , nothing cheap, fake or naff.

    i just wondered if somebody could give me a buying guide, things to avoid and things to LOOK for when attempting to buy a quality crossbow ? or a website you could point me to ?

    but preferably a website in the uk .

    anyone help me ?

    thanks have a nice day.

    • ANSWER:
      yes see link though crossbows are also easy to build yourself

    What are the laws for crossbows in the UK?
    I’m thinking about buying a hunting crossbow and want to know what the laws are and if im required to have a license for one etc.
    It would also help me if you can tell me some good sites to buy one from which are fairly modern and good for hunting and fairly cheap
    Thanks so far keep the answers coming

    • ANSWER:
      Jimmy; Forget it, mate. Ye not allowed to fire a crossbow at any living thing, in UK. Period.

      That was all wrapped up in the ” Wildlife & Countryside Act “. Back around 1981, if I remember correctly?

      Bottom line is; You so much as get seen with a crossbow, anywhere away from a registered Archery Club grounds? They’ll give ye hell. Find ye sneaking about the woods with one? They’ll take it away from ye. Then give ye hell too.

      It’s just not worth the hassle.

    Where is a cheap website that I can buy home gym equipment like a Bowflex or a Weider Crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      You probably could try craigslist in your area. There is always home gym equipment on sale in the area near me.

    Cheap but good crossbow?
    I am only 15 and don’t have a lot of money but I would like to get my dad a crossbow for Christmas. It needs to be good for hunting deer but it can’t cost a whole lot. Can anybody help me? please

    Thank you in advance for all your helpful answers
    0 is to much
    I live in the middle of no where and can’t get a job I don’t have a license and both my parents work all the time so even if I did I would have no way to get there

    • ANSWER:

      You really won’t have to buy one at all but they are easy to make. I will teach you how. The first step is to gather your materials:

      (a) 1 bamboo rod
      (b) 2 planks that are 1inch by 1inch by 28inches
      (c) 1 piece of wood that is 1/4 inch thick, 1/2 inch wide, and 28 inches long
      (d) 1 piece of wood that is 8 inches long and 1 inch wide, thickness doesn’t matter
      (e) 1 door hinge
      (f) 1 cylinder of metal made by cutting the both ends off a nail with pliers

      Lots of fishing string
      1 piece of trimmer weedwhacker line
      Electrical tape
      and black drywall screws that are 2.5 inches long

      (g)1 Drill
      (h)1 Handsaw
      (i) 1 laser pointer
      (j) 4 pieces of wood that are 1in by 1in by 8inches

      Alright so now you have your materials.

      The first part is the body:

      You start by taking your 2, 28 inch planks and putting the piece of wood in (c) between the two planks. You want to place the (c) wood so that the 1/2 inches goes right in the middle of the two planks creating 1/4 inch troughs on both the upperside and underside of the body. Drill two holes through planks about 1/3 of the body apart so that you can insert two drywall screws and fasten the body secure.

      The next part is your trigger:

      Start by positioning the door hinge on the underside of the body near one end so that the wood in (d) can be attached to the hinge so that the end of that wood meets the end of the body. Drill holes to secure the door hinge location. Fasten the door hinge in with drywall screws. Drill holes on the (d) wood end where the door hinge is to attach. Fasten that in with drywall screws. Now you have a body with a trigger lever attached on the underside.

      The next part is the bow:

      Take your bamboo branch which is even all throughout in circumference, respectably straight, and about 5 feet long. If it is too long, saw it off to create the bowpiece. Remember, the diameter of the bowpiece should be around 1 inch. Drill two holes 1 inch from the ends of the bowpiece – this is where you will insert the trimmer line bowstring. Now once the holes are drilled, what you want to do is take two cynder blocks or tables or 2 chairs, place the bowpiece between them and step gently on the bowpiece to bend it down while tying in the trimmer line bowstring in. You get the idea, it is to tie it in while it is bent so it will stay bent and look like a bow.

      The next part is assembly:

      Take your 4 (j) wood pieces, drill two holes in each 1/3 from the ends of each. Take one of the pieces and take it to the opposite end of the trigger system. This piece will lay right on top of the 1 inch plank (doesn’t matter which side EXCEPT THE SIDES) so that 4 inches of it is pointing beyond the end of the body end. Fasten this in with drywall screws. Do this for all 4 so that you have:
      ……………………………. _____ prong
      ====———————— sideview body
      trigger…………………. ———prong

      The 4 pieces of wood make the prongs to hold your bamboo bow in place. So go ahead and fit your bamboo bow into the prongs so that it is symetrical. You can pull the trimmer line bowstring back so that it stays stuck on the back end of the top wood prongs. Now take your electrical tape and wrap around the bow and around the body many times to secure the bow as well as possible in place. You are almost done now.

      The next thing to do is to pull the string back far back and see if it can reach about halfway the level of your lever trigger system. It is hard to pull it back and it is supposed to be because this will be a REAL CROSSBOW. Use your feet to help you pull it towards you and don’t put your feet on the bowpiece itself. Remember aproximately where the bowstring extended to when you pulled it back and make sure it is within the boudaries of the trigger lever area. Gently release the string and mark with a pencil slightly forward of the area you released it at. Draw a line across this marking straight horizontally. This will be your notch. Take the handsaw and cut a notch in the line drawn about 1/6 inch deep. In the middle where the trough is, drill a hole down it all the way down. Insert your metal cylinder in the hole. Now you have a fully functional crossbow but it needs an aiming system.

      So take your laser pointer and fit it in the underside trough towards the business end. Drill 2 holes through the sides of the body where you will insert fishing line and tie them so that your laser stays in place. Do that and get a office document clip to put on the laser pointer button when you are ready to shoot. All you need is some ammo you can make out of wooden dowel pieces about 6 inches long with nails glued to the end.

    Is this a nice recreational crossbow?
    I am looking at cheap crossbows for target shooting and such (not really for hunting) and I came across this bow: http://www.crossbowhuntingpro.com/content-product_info/product_id-2550/ncstar_crossbow_with_red_dot_sight.html

    Its a cheap price and it comes with a few arrows and a sight but a friend told me that NCStar isn’t the highest quality manufacturer. I don’t know if this is true and i would like a couple opinions on this crossbow, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It’s probably the cheapest crossbow available. As a result expect the worst quality available. It’s functional but don’t expect to be able to shoot accurately more than 15 yards. I guess just for something to mess around with it would be okay but for actual target shooting or hunting it’s pretty much useless. Also it just comes with a red dot and no iron sights and that red dot is a piece of junk and if that breaks your screwed. Like I said if you’ve got some cash and are bored it might be fun to play around with but besides that i’s pretty worthless. Here’s a video of someone firing it with the fishing kit on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWuwrr75cY8. I’m thinking about buying one now and doing some skate fishing with it

    will this crossbow be enough to down a deer?
    I just bought this crossbow: http://www.amazon.com/150lb-Crossbow-Fiberglass-Aluminum-Arrows/dp/B000WLXKVI/ref=pd_sbs_sg_4

    Will this be good enough? Has anyone had experience with cheap chinese crossbows like this?

    • ANSWER:
      Its like any other crossbow or bow you see, you “shoot” the deer, 99.9% of the time the deer runs 100yrds before falling, a hour finding the deer, why I don’t bow hunt. Today I was talking to a man in town who said he only bow hunts because he likes trailing the blood trail.

    im new to crossbows help?
    im looking for a crossbow around 350 that isnt cheap and will take down big game

    • ANSWER:
      Here’s a link to one in your price range that will do the job well-


    How does this crossbow look (first time buyer)?
    I’ve been shooting and hunting with firearms for a few years now, but I have never shot a bow. I’m looking to buy a cheap crossbow (but not so cheap that it’s a piece of crap) just to shoot at same targets in the backyard, and maybe even hunt with one day. How does this one look to start out with?


    • ANSWER:
      I would really consider a compound crossbow….for power etc….

    Is there a way to increase the draw weight of a crossbow ?
    I have never owned a cross bow
    I will perhaps by the first latino to start hunting in my area
    According the Florida law Crossbows must have a minumum draw weight of 75 pounds
    the one when I am buying is just a cheap one to start off with how can i increase the draw wieght so I can keep the one I want but also follow the law .

    • ANSWER:

    What is the diameter of the shaft on the average crossbow arrow?
    I am building me a little home-made crossbow, just need to know the diameter of arrows readily available in shops (cheap arrows).


    • ANSWER:
      11/32 is standard diameter

    Question on crossbows in IL?
    I want to get a crossbow and live in IL. Im not going to hunt with it just shoot targets in my backyard. Do I need to get a permit? Im just going to get a cheap one and was looking at this one.


    Do you think that will be good. The reviews say that the string breaks fast and they recommend getting new one. What type would I get. Or if you can recommend a crossbow thats only about or . thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing special is needed if you are not going to hunt . The one you are looking at could not be used for hunting anyway. It is only going to be good for some close range target shooting.

    Is it legal to order a crossbow from the USA to be delivered to the UK?
    In the UK you do not require any licence to own a crossbow, but I was wondering if there are rules against shipping it? I was looking at buying one, and it appears to be cheaper to order one from abroad than to buy one here.
    I knew I’d get someone making some stupid wisecrack. It’s a crossbow… Why would a terrorist use one?! This isn’t the middle ages; I think they have better weapons. That’s ridiculous.
    This one does sell abroad, but unfortunately they don’t make the position clear on the legality of it.

    • ANSWER:
      99 percent of packages do not get inspected, so take your chances.

    What to use for ranging slayer assignments?
    Hey, I wanted to start training range on slayer assignments and was wondering what I should use. Would crossbow be best for this? If so should I use broad bolts? I hear they’re cheap and decent.
    And as far as armour goes, which would be better, full void or full armadyl?
    Well thank you for your opinions

    • ANSWER:
      I like crystal bows for it, since you don’t have to bother with bolts/arrows.

    Should I buy a 80lb crossbow or a 150lb one?
    I am wondering which to buy? the 80lb one is cheaper but is a “pistol” crossbow. The 150lb is more powerful and is 2 handed.

    At present I own a gas gun and a 22 air rifle. I use them for target shooting and much prefer the rifle.

    • ANSWER:
      Up close the pistol is handier but for long range and more power, go for the 150lb bow.

    Which broadhead is best for a crossbow?
    I just got a Barnett Jackal. Love the bow. I can get about 4 inch groups at 35yds with field points.
    When I switch to broadheads I’m looking at more like 12″ groups.

    Now these are cheap Walmart Realtree 1 1/8″ numbers.

    Can someone recommend a broadhead that shoots more like a field point in a crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      try about any mechanical broadhead…some r better than others…they fly like a field point, but most lack penetration.
      Also..G5 makes a nice smaller broadhead..if ya want more penetration. I prefer the traditional broadheads myself, over the mechanical type. My advice to you is, get a set of really NICE bolts..or arrows, prefferably carbon and practice… practice… practice….if possible in an indoor range, as to eliminate wind variance.
      good luck!

    crossbows ??? parker?
    i am looking at a brand new parker enforcer does anybody own one of theese bows could u tell me if u like them or not and what bow they recommend because ik that parker offers a life time warranty on theres and they arent cheap bows

    • ANSWER:
      The Parker sounds like a good mid-price range crossbow. I especially like it’s lighter weight. ( a little over 7 lbs) Some of the crossbows on the market weigh almost 9 lbs.


    • ANSWER:
      Lol. Someone’s been watching the Rambo marathon on CMT lately. You’d probably be able to get one at a pawn shop for even as low as , but the quality would probably be poor. Some delta officers in the army use crossbows, but very few, a military crossbow costs a lot.

    What kind of weapon should I use to assassinate Eminem?
    i own a crossbow and katana. i was thinking of killing him in my ninja form. where can i buy a cheap sniper rifle if i decide to use a gun
    i am upset with a performance of his. this is why i must end his life. i do not own an icicle

    • ANSWER:
      put sleeping pills in his 1 year sober anniversary cake

    crossbow ?
    does anyone any great but “cheap” crossbows

    • ANSWER:
      Horton makes a good value priced crossbow. It’s called the Yukon SL. It is a 150lb. draw weight and shoots at around 260 fps. It is a basic compound crossbow. I bought one a few years ago and have been very happy with its performance. It was on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods for just under 0. It came with 4 arrows, and a quiver. I took a 13-point buck on the 2nd day of our bow season with it this year. It never knew what hit him, til it was too late. Passed clear through him.

    Where can I buy a good mig welder for cheap!!?
    I’m looking to buy a welder for general dig jobs and I’ve been told that a mig welder would be the best, I’ve checked eBay but I’m not too sure which one would be good for a strong weld.
    In short I’m making a type of folding crossbow as a personal challenge so the weld has to be strong in certain areas
    I’m looking to spend a maximum of £150 but any cheaper or dearer ideas are more than welcome


    • ANSWER:
      I have found that at this web site in the past.

    Need help killing a coyote?
    Okay so we live near the woods and it is now march and the coyotes are starting to come out..
    problem is, is that last year we lost a cat to those blasted coyotes and now they are back.

    my father found a big one in our yard (almost the size of our medium sized dog)
    it looked at my father and ‘walked’ away, it is not even afraid of us (by the way my dad was screaming at it, trying to scare it)

    I need to kill it. I have to protect my house. This isn’t a question about morals this is a question about protecting my animals and family. (we do camp outside on summer nights every now and then)

    So i was wondering, will a crossbow kill/injure it?

    i have about 100 dollars to spend (MAX)
    i have a BB/pellet gun that it pretty brutal only problem is it take forever to pump and you never know when the coyotes are going to come.

    i found this cheap crossbow on dicks sporting goods. do you think this will be any good?

    MK-45 Crossbow Pistol

    keep in mind i need to shoot about 100 feet and i have to hit it, and i MUST at least injure it if not kill the thing…


    sorry here is the link


    here is actually a BB gun i found, i “Really” like it, will this get the job done? By the way i do have some pellets.
    hmm, i realize that it wouldn’t be easy… i don’t know, do you have a link to that gun? please.

    • ANSWER:

    what is a good place to get a crossbow in northern VA?
    i live in annandale if that helps and i would like one that is semi cheap maybe under 0 and what is a good company

    Answer Now!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Try Bud’s Gun Shop in Paris, KY. Their website is http://range.budsgunshop.com/

    Homemade Crossbow Target?
    Hi. I have a Horton crossbow with a 150lb draw and shoots around 270FPS. I’ve shot into Straw Bales at 20 yards(the bow is sighted for 20) and the arrows go in up to the feathers(i think that’s what there called) and when i pull them back or forward it tears them. So i am looking for a cheap homemade crossbow target.

    • ANSWER:
      Layer up some old carpeting.

    Where is the CHEAPEST place to buy a CROSSBOW, for bowfishing? Used or New?

    • ANSWER:
      probably at a garage sale or on Ebay.

    why does barnett crossbow shoot really low?
    i just got one, mostly polymer, looks a bit cheaper, got the bow used from my brother but it shoots really low, and the front sites don’t help. is there any reason for this, my brother said i could fix it but what can i do, would adding a scope make it better

    • ANSWER:
      A scope will not change the rainbow trajectory of a crossbow bolt. Remember to adjust the sights for the arrow/bolt to hit higher, you either lower the front sight or raise the rear sight.
      A scope has a limited field of view whereas open sights do not. I have found scopes on a crossbow even a 200 lb one, are only good out to about 30-40 yards.
      If you watch the bolt in flight you will see it go straight then it drops like mad. You can change that some by using lighter bolts and broadheads but your limited by what the crossbow power is. Too light of a bolt and you could damage the crossbow because the string and limbs are not pushing against enough resistance.

      If you learn to use the open sights you will be better off than getting a scope and going nuts trying to sight it in. Because to sight in a scope for it each arrow must have the same weight arrow, the same fletching and the exact same weight field point or broadhead and fired each time at the same distance. After you have a nice group you then figure the drop further out so you know your hold over. Crossbow scope have different line for drop and only by shooting will you find which line is good for what range.
      Remember with a scope you can only fine tune one yardage.
      Here more info for you;


    What crossbow should i get?
    Im deciding between two crossbows and am unsure what one i should choose. One of them got nearly all good reviews and i dont know the brand name of the other. This will be my first one, so i am only looking for something cheap for now. Here are the links for both of them(and only answer this question if you know what your talking about):



    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I wouldn’t go with a pistol crossbow. Of course that is up to you. The bigger the better in my opinion, high draw weight and full size.

      My two cents worth.

      Here’s a great site to check out crossbows on:



    What to use for crossbow?
    I’m going to make a crossbow, most likey out of wood, but i’m not sure what to use for the arm, so anybody have any ideas and how much it costs and where to get it. It needs to be powerful, possibly big game hunting. Reason im makin one is it is cheaper and i like making things.

    • ANSWER:
      I have seen home crossbows made with leif springs from a car. You need to be strong to string it and your trigger mechanism needs to be hearty. Simpler to purchase or make a long/recurve bow.

    what is the best crossbow for 300 bucks or less?
    i want a quality bow for a cheap price without sacrificing to much quality

    • ANSWER:
      this is like asking what gun is the best.it is not that easy and you will prob get a different answer from everyone you ask.crossbows are reallly getting experience, i have used the sanme crossbow for about 12 years.i have a horton hunter xl 175 with a 4×32 scope.it works great and is very accurate with the right bolts.i use the new carbon express 20″maxima hunter crossbolts.it has kevlar made into them to make it stonger.it has the weight foward technology.the vanes are the blazers or smaller size.normally my xbowe shoots arounf 304 fps.with these new and faster bolts i can get close to 310 fps.some exbows shoot alt faster but it is not needed except to just comfort you.i have shot hogs close to 400lbs wit these and the hof never kne what happened. the bolt stuck in the ground on the exit side and buried about 4″ in to the ground.now you have to shoose your broadheads and no one agrees on these either.i use the muzzy 3 blade 125 gr broadheads.i have had this exact setup go thru both shoulder and bone on a hog and still come out the other side.
      i am simply telling you what i use and how it works.do not let anyone play robin hood with you and tell you they are accurate out to 60 yards because that is just not true.you will not a find a new crossbow for 0 or less.you may find a used one for that price.horton is just as good as any other brand but are a little heavier and better madei have never had to replace my string either.no matter where you gp or who you ask you will never get the same answer.ebay has a few good deals and you may be able to get the people to come fown on their prices.
      —————-retired texas deputy sheriff—————–

    Allison Argent from Teen Wolf on MTV?
    Ok, so i was wondering where I can find clothes, acessories, or anything (such as Allison’s crossbow) for sale at a cheap price like Allison Argent’s clothes and everything from Teen Wolf on MTV. Like, where can I find Allison’s leather jacket, leather boots, crossbow, gloves, or anything of hers? Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:

    what can i get with a crossbow with a 50 or 70lb pullback?
    Ive never owned a bow of any sort , im more of a gun guy. but i kinda want a crossbow and ive seen some cheap ones at academy one with 50lb and the other 70lb pullback. im not really lookin to hunt anything maybe the occasional rabbit or oppossum that dares to cross my path but would that be enough? I dont think i need one with 200 lbs

    • ANSWER:

    i like modern warfare 2 much better than black ops…anyone with me?
    like, black ops looks fake. they tried to make it look so nice that it looks cheap in my opinion. modern warfare 2 had a large aspect of reality involved in the gameplay, while black ops hosts a rise to remote controlled explosive cars and c4 strapped crossbow bolts…they could have done a better job
    i have one, thank you. :) might be a boyfriend next time you check in. ^_^

    • ANSWER:
      The quality of a game does not rely on its visuals but simply on the gameplay. Yes, Modern Warfare 2 is THE most polished game in the franchise however, despite the smooth gameplay, the multiplayer is broke. Why? Well lets see, its extremely unfair and stacked. No more quick scoping. Nerfed drop shotting. No more matyrdom, no more stopping power. All the perks in Black Ops are useful and the killstreaks aren’t unfair. If a person dominates, the other team still has a fighting chance. That is how Black Ops differs from MW2 in a positive way. I only think people say MW2 is better is because of the social controversy of COD4. The camping, running commando abusers is what killed MW2 for me and many others as well. Graphics and visuals are not important.

    My rap lyrics dissing Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, and Jesus?
    kind of but rate them a percent out of 100

    Stop playin’,
    Or the next place will meet is the crossroads, I rock hoes
    Your girl on me like I was shooting cupids arrows from crossbows
    Content deeper than QB to Moss throws, I suppose
    You could get it big for cheap, like winners of lottos
    I truck streets and destroy beats like some pot holes
    F*** lyrics, I’m trying to eat, where the cheese for my nachos
    Any more, all I want is some paper to buy clothes
    To get girls like playboy, hope a vivid chick follows
    My mind is hot, it should be taught, change the pace when it’s heard
    All my foes, they eat my flows, like there is taste in my words
    Games tight, twist it right, hit the gas and I’ll swerve
    They didn’t get that, I must have been throwing a curve
    So I go out on a diss, piss off if your phony
    You’re a slave to my style so how the f*** do you own me
    I’m just lost like fox, out my a$$ I just pull hits
    Heres the cross from the box, who knew they allergic to bullshyt
    Opps, I ain’t going to hell
    I’d rather be stuck in an elevator with Wayne and Pharrell
    his name rhymes with hell
    i figure right now i got writers block i diss Nas and Rakim if there name made a rhyme hot
    yeah thats rap beef is healthy

    dudes been beefing since South Bronx/Bridge is Over and LL and Moe Dee

    and guys like 50 would beef with a peanut butter a jelly sandwich if it sold
    i just realize how immature the nachos and cheese line sounds
    yeah i wrote that shyt to kill the minds of the youth

    • ANSWER:
      yeah whats wrong with pharrell

      so u would start beef with someone to make a hot verse?

    Texas Castle Doctrine?
    Hey whatsup

    I have an idea for a business but I thought I would run it past yahoo answers first.

    Basically we buy 5 cheap houses on the Texas-Mexico border and charge people to stay there overnight armed with firearms, crossbows or whatever they like. We leave the lights off and windows open and maybe some tools lying around outside. Then when a Mexican immigrant tries to break in to the house the occupant can shoot them in self defense.

    I’m think about calling it HoneyPotz Ranch and maybe starting franchises in other states.

    Question – would this be covered under the TX castle doctrine? Also what kind of waiver would I need in the unfortunate scenario of a patron falling asleep and being murdered by immigrants?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a better solution just mine the border. After a few fireworks, illegal immigration problem solved.

    How’s the poem – something slightly sarcastic that just popped into my head?
    I’m one of those happy people.
    I turn cigarettes to lollipops
    And crossbows into steeples –
    The porno stores to candy shops
    I’m one of those happy people.

    I use pink glittery fairy spells
    To whisk away the cynics,
    To do away with cheap motels
    To turn the slums to clinics
    I use glittery fairy spells.

    I’m proud of my robotic drones!
    They’re happy, honest, sweet
    No whorehouses, no red light zones
    But quaint and lovely streets –
    I’m proud of my robotic drones!

    The day of judgement comes – they cheer!
    For sin does not exist.
    No homocide, no death, no fear
    No slitting of the wrists.
    They day of judgement comes – I laugh
    Cause it’s a load of sh*t.

    I know I have atrocious rhymes and horrible technical problems. Don’t need to comment on that, just a response would be nice.

    Thanks for reading!

    • ANSWER:
      Take out each line that repeats, and you’re golden.
      I like this.

    I need a build order or strategy to fight the Isengard.?
    Me and my friend play lotr bfme 2 for the 360 and he is very experienced with the Isengard faction (uruk-hai). We tend to make a game enjoyable so we wait like 10 mins before actually attacking with strategy. He tends to build lurtz first and capture as many buildings as he can, and then builds pikes and crossbows. Hes gets these units very quickly and usually i am at fault for not keeping up with his build order. But is there any websites or tips/build orders that could help me? I am still not familiar with a decent building strategy for any race. well except goblins but that’s cheap, rushing with 30 hordes of goblin warriors.
    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2

    • ANSWER:
      check the game’s walkthrough at the site bellow


    Runescape – the fastest way to get 99 fletching?
    short bows?
    long and short bows?

    which 1 of each? highest i can make or use 1 type of item?

    cheapest and will sell 4 more if possible?

    fletching level is 44

    • ANSWER:
      Making the highest level longbow is the fastest way, even though its expensive. but continue on longbows and once you get to yew and magic alchemy your finished bow,
      This may not be the cheapest way but its the fastest
      P.S. buying your materials instead of making them yourself helps with getting 99 faster

      And to the answer above me, botting is illegal and will get your account that youve worked hard on banned, dont try it because jagex will eventually find you. Ive had many friends who quit the game because their level 100+ account got banned because they tried botting.

    crossbow string and arrows?
    i have an old powermaster pistol crossbow and i need a string for it. does anybody know where i can get one. preferably cheap. same with the arrows

    • ANSWER:
      Any well equipped archery shop could make a string and bolts for your little crossbow. Whether they’d want to bother would be the larger question. The last of these was made in the mid 70s; and all of them were junk. Due to the linked recall; no shop would work on something like this if they were aware of the notice.

    i need help picking a crossbow plzzz help!!!?
    im looking for a crossbow that has a high Velocity and is very affordable. i want something that i can try and shoot squirrels with because i like a good challenge. but it will mostly be just to use for fun. the most important thing is the it kind cheap like around 200 to 300 dollers. thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      www.crossbowhuntingpro.com there not cheap goodluck

    which crossbow is better?
    https://www.sworddemon.com/p-7924-70-pound-miniature-crossbow.aspx or http://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Cb80-80-lb-Pistol-Crossbow/dp/B0007LOXSM/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1232569152&sr=8-1. I dont know much about them and i want to buy one. the 80 pound one is cheaper but im afraid it might be bad quality because its so cheap. on the other hand, the 70 pound one isnt as strong as the 80 pound one so therefore the arrows wont go as far. help me out please

    • ANSWER:
      i’d go with the 80pound
      they both look sturdy enough

      go for the more knock down/ penetrating power
      but then again depends what you want it for

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