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Crossbow Broadheads

The vast technological advances in manufacture of crossbows have transformed them into perfect weapons for game hunting. There are also crossbows, which are used as part of bowhunting equipment for tournaments.

Here is a brief summary of different kinds of crossbows and the functionality of each.

GT Curve:

This one is a ten point crossbow, which has a scope of Pro multi dots. This comes with a patented trigger with a Power 10 Touch mechanism installed in it. The limb assembly weighs around 80 pounds and comes replete with barrel assembly as well as Verton stock. The crossbow is very durable, reliable and quick while also delivering high precision shots each time without fail. The frame design is very compact and hence loading and portability is easy. Carrying this along with your other bowhunting equipment is very easy because of the good portability aspect. Some of the other fantastic features this crossbow has includes outer skin made of S-glass, which provides high degree of strength and durability. It also serves to provide wide range of scope to the hunter. The zero power, 40 mm scope of multi dot capability even comes with mounting system, which can be easily adjusted. Dot colors change from red to green and can be maneuvered according to individual hunting needs. The dots of this bowhunting equipment are preset for 20 or 30 or even 40 yards distances.

GT Flex:

This is another piece of bowhunting equipment that you cannot do without. This is the crossbow called GT Flex, which has been manufactured by Ten Point. It’s scope is multi lined by three times and comes with an ACU draw feature. The stroke position comes with 13.25 inches and weighs around 180 pounds. The speed of this crossbow bowhunting equipment is around 300 feet in a second. If you wish to hunt bowfish or even turkey, then you can notch the crossbow further below at a stroke position of 11.875 inches and weighing 125 pounds. In further reduced to 7.75 inches and weighing 90 pounds, then this crossbow can be used for training young archers or even kids. The trigger comes with patented Power Touch feature and the exterior of this superior bowhunting equipment comes with Mossy Oak finish. The overall weight of the crossbow is just 6 pounds and length is around 7 inches. The presence of lined crosshairs and a multi lined scope of three times ability along with ACU draw of 50 makes this crossbow bowhunting equipment a super carry along equipment.


Next, is the crossbow called Phantom, which has been made by a company called Ten Point. The presence of ACU draw and multi dotted scope of Pro 40 capacity makes this crossbow a superior piece of bowhunting equipment to have. The barrel comes with a unique ACRA ANGLE and features a power plant with special Compact Limp System. The stock has been constructed by company called Keystone Sporting Arms. The semi gloss finish helps protect the exterior of this bowhunting equipment and makes it a powerful and compact equipment to have. The scope is 40 mm and has a multi dot feature. It also comes with rings without any power. The special cocking aid called ACU draw helps maneuver heavy draw weights easily. The absence of any add-on accessories helps reduce any obstacles while shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can i use regular broadheads in my crossbow?
    i bought a 120 lb. crossbow and wanted to do some varmint/predator hunting with it, i have some good broadheads i have in my compound and was wondering if i could use them?

    • ANSWER:
      They will work. But the better bet would be to use a 2 blade head like the Magnus Stinger to get maximum penetration. The 120 lb crossbow is woefully weak.

    125gr versus 100gr Crossbow Broadheads?
    Ok, so a little background information. I shoot a Quad 400 with a top speed of 345fps. I usually shoot 125gr broad-heads and practice tips. I had a idea of switching to 100gr broad-heads.

    I went to Walmart and bought some 100gr tips. I shot a few and the results made me smile. At 20yrds, the 125gr had almost complete pass-through. The 100gr not only pass through my multi level stacked target (generic 4×4 block), but also go another 10yrds EASY (over level ground) before hitting the ground.

    It seems I am getting more speed and better accuracy with the 100gr. The crossbow is not vibrating as much when shot. Does this make sense? Would a 100gr shot from the Quad 400 still be a effective means of deer hunting?

    • ANSWER:
      The 100 grain is just as effective on deer as the 125. The speed will increase when you lighten up on the arrow or its components.But generally speaking the heavier arrow will get the greater penetration.Was the design of the broadhead different on the 100 grain then the 125? If so, then it may be a better designed broadhead that will give you greater penetration.

    Can you use compound bow mechanical broadhead in a crossbow bolt?
    I just purchased a Horton Summit HD Crossbow and some additional bolts. I am wondering, can you use expandable broadheads that are designed for compound bows, such as the RAGE 2, in these bolts or do I need to purchase broadheads specifically for crossbow bolts?

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely! I shoot a Horton 175 HD with mechanicals and they perform flawlessly. Definatly go with 125 gr at minimum. I prefer them over fixed blades since they fly like a field point at 325 fps.

    Wouldn’t an 80lb pistol crossbow shooting a custom made bolt w/cutting broadheads be an archers .357 magnum?

    • ANSWER:
      Short bows don’t generate much power. Ever shot a pistol crossbow? Lots of drop fairly quickly.

    What are your opinions on using team realtree broadheads for crossbows ?
    Sold at walmart they look similar too or if not the same as what I’ve seen deer killed with before and shoot very acurrately

    • ANSWER:
      If they are the ones I found made by muzzy then they are the same thing as the normal muzzy’s just with the realtree name and camo on them. Save some money and get the original. The team realtree just look different because they are promoting team realtree and they charge more because of it, but they are the exact same broadheads.

    Which broadhead is best for a crossbow?
    I just got a Barnett Jackal. Love the bow. I can get about 4 inch groups at 35yds with field points.
    When I switch to broadheads I’m looking at more like 12″ groups.

    Now these are cheap Walmart Realtree 1 1/8″ numbers.

    Can someone recommend a broadhead that shoots more like a field point in a crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      try about any mechanical broadhead…some r better than others…they fly like a field point, but most lack penetration.
      Also..G5 makes a nice smaller broadhead..if ya want more penetration. I prefer the traditional broadheads myself, over the mechanical type. My advice to you is, get a set of really NICE bolts..or arrows, prefferably carbon and practice… practice… practice….if possible in an indoor range, as to eliminate wind variance.
      good luck!

    What bolts should i use for a Tenpoint Stealth X 2 Crossbow?
    Should I use flat or half moon nocks, what kind of bolts, and wat kind of Broadheads should I use for this?

    • ANSWER:
      I use 125 gr Spitfire broadheads, flat nocks, and Carbon Express Bolts out of my 10pt ProFusion and they work marvelous.

    Is 0 a good deal on a barnett quad 400 crossbow that needs new strings and limb bolt?
    comes with 11 bolts, 6 broadheads, 50 field tips, quiver, cocking device, scope and arrow rack to hold extra bolts

    • ANSWER:
      well I just shot my first deer tonite with the Quad 400 I just purchased wednesday,for 0. Deer ran 75 yards and fell over dead. This is my first time using a crossbow,they have such a long season now decided to add to my gun and bow hunting. These things are wicked once you have practiced and have them sighted in. I also have the scope,shooting 100 gr fixed blade broad heads,you,ll never see the bolt,next year I believe I will invest in some luminock bolts.Strings are about and the limb bolt is, I guess you mean the bolt that attaches the limbs to the riser,it is a long hex head bolt. Check the limbs for cracks and make sure the trigger mechanism is functioning,Barnett had some problems with the 2007-2009 models,strings breaking and limbs cracking,but the 2010 model has all these corrected. Sounds like a good deal. Strings are back ordered at most dealers. Cabela’s carries them.

    I got new broadheads. Questions about them tho?
    When i shoot field points on my cross bow it shoots like a rifle. But i had some old cappy broadheads and when i used them they dont fly good at all. I switched to “CRIMSON TALON” broadheads made specailly for crossbows. Do you think they will work better if i use the same grain field point?

    • ANSWER:
      I think .700 Nitro is right in archery it is trial and error what works in one may not work in another.

    Crossbow Hunting Novice….I’ve got some questions.?
    I bought a 180lb crossbow off of Ebay. Never used one and have some questions and concerns.
    First off the bow came with 12 arrows. These are 15 inch “bolts”.

    Can I hunt deer with these bolts. These are fairly short. Approximately three inches are left on the barrel of the crossbow.

    Could you put broadheads on these arrows ? I ask because I’m assuming the broadheads would have to extend past the barrel before shooting ? If not what size arrows would I need to purchase to be able to use broadheads ?

    Also, how accurate is a good crossbow ? Assuming that operator was a very good shot.

    Thank you !

    • ANSWER:
      First – you need to get a copy of your states hunting regulations. Most states prohibit using crossbows for hunting. And in the state that do allow them – you can only use them during the regular rifle season. They never qualify for the archery season.

      Second – inside your state hunting regulations – this is where you will find out what kind of broadhead is considered legal for big and small game.

    How do I kill a deer the quickest?
    I bought a crossbow to shoot deer with and I am wondering what type of razor broadheads are the deadliest?

    • ANSWER:
      They are all deadly, but some do perform a lot better then the others. Here are some that have never failed me when I made the right shot.
      1-muzzy..2- thunderhead..3 slick trick- These are the ones I have used the most and have never had a problem with. But there are many more on the market that do well. The best way to hit the deer is in the heart-lung area. Here is an anatomy chart to look at-good luck!


    Crossbow Hunting….Tips? Tricks?
    **Re-asking with a more appropriate title**

    For the first time in my life I am the proud owner of one of them stick throwers.

    I have managed to procure a very nice compound crossbow (Horton Legend LS). I have been shooting projectile weapons since I was 4, but have never fired a crossbow.

    I am aware of the basics of safety and sanity. Unfortunately, I am not aware ofthe following:

    - How to determine the proper bolt/arrow length?
    - What type of bolts/arrows should I purchase – Practice and Hunting?
    - What type of broadheads and how will each impact the flight or speed?
    - It has a basic peep site. What should I look into as an upgrade?

    Thanks guys.

    **All ANTI GUNNING AND ANTI HUNTING responses will either be deleted or reported based on the response. I don’t give a damnn about your opinion.
    Krytrons….is your response regarding Crossbows? No…Oh I see it was involving some drivel and FFL crap. I dont care if you are a gun enthusiast either. The question is about crossbows. Leave your drivel and opinions that have nothing to do with the question in “some other forum”.
    I wouldn’t place emphasis on intellectual standards either, especially if you are a “collector”.

    • ANSWER:
      I use a crossbow now and they are very good tools to use!
      As for bolt length you will have to check your manufacturers ratings on this one!
      This day and age carbon out last and out performs aluminum!
      Another tough one I use steel force or g5 teken heads with very good accuracy!
      I would look into a good Multi-Reticle scope!
      One tip for sure fire shooting is to use white out on your string to mark for proper alignement!

    How do you shoot this thingy?
    For the first time in my life I am the proud owner of one of them stick throwers.

    I have managed to procure a very nice compound crossbow. I have been shooting projectile weapons since I was 4, but have never fired a crossbow.

    I am aware of the basics of safety and sanity. Unfortunately, I am not aware ofthe following:

    - How to determine the proper bolt length?
    - What type of bolts should I purchase – Practice and Hunting?
    - What type of broadheads and how will each impact the flight or speed?
    - It has a basic peep site. What should I look into as an upgrade?

    Thanks guys.

    **All ANTI GUNNING AND ANTI HUNTING responses will either be deleted or reported based on the response. I don’t give a damnn about your opinion.
    You know……A smart person might have added a few more details, thanks JD. The bow was a “gift” from my brother. It is a Horton Legend SL, I have a link describing some thoughts on it.


    It does not have a quiver (mounts only), but otherwise is in perfect shape.

    For the first time I have asked a question without a horde of ecowhacks and bunny strokers trying to hone in and promote their agenda!

    Thanks for the input guys! I will keep it open a bit longer to see whatever else can be dug up.

    • ANSWER:
      Ven…Congratulations…on your recent new addition (Crossbow)….lol
      Horton makes incredible Compound Crossbow’s that are very flat shooting and FAST!!! You will need an above average HD backstop to stop from losing your “bolts”.It will shoot clean thru most foam archery targets, and bales of hay or straw in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice with a friend standing by because the bolts fly so fast they are VERY hard to track towards your target,especially if you are alone. I would also reccomend a cocking device for your Horton. They take 90% of the work out of re-cocking your crossbow. I would also reccomend you find some raw fiberglass arrow shafts to make your own bolts from. The aluminum bolts that are available bend easily after a few shots and become useless and they are not cheap either. Use any broadhead that weighs around 100 grains for a 16″ bolt, or as suggested earlier buy some Punchcutter broadheads that open on impact. I use them myself very successfully. Whatever weight broadhead you use, it’s very important to practice with the same broadheads you will hunt with. The broadheads all fly different out of a Crossbow. If your bolts are unbalanced they will fish-tail like nobody’s business. Experiment to find the ones that fly stable for you and stick with them. The quiver is nice to have but I think the Horton Crossbow quiver gets in the way. You don’t really need one. Get a leather “pocket quiver” and you’ll be fine.
      The Horton peep sight is OK but you might want to invest in one of Hortons Crossbow scopes that have multiple horizontal crosshairs for fixed range shooting and hold-over shots. I’ve tried Red Dot sights but can’t ever get the dot adjusted to match the crossbow bolt hit. Be prepared to lose some bolts….lol Good Luck Bud!

    which mythbusters episode is this?
    which mythbusters episode is the one were they use a crossbow to compare targets points to broadheads in penetration?

    • ANSWER:
      MythBusters: “Viewer Special 2″

    Beginning Bow Hunter Questions?
    Im just starting bow hunting this year for Whitetail Deer. I am using a crossbow, and i am wondering what all i need to buy, how much of it, and where i can buy it at. So far on my list i have: 3 Carbon Express arrows, 1 Scent Lok kit, 1 Doe in Heat scent, 1 set of 3 Vortex Broadheads. Any other things i am missing, or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You’re going to need a license, a place to hunt, a case for your bow, a tree stand, a Hunter Safety System, maybe a trail camera (for scouting). You will want some books to read about deer hunting, these contain very useful info. You will want camouflage to cover just about every thing but your eyes. I might recommend the Thermacell to control the bugs. This thing is the ticket, it works like mad. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything the first time, they are out there and if you do your homework right you will snag a monster! Good Luck

    broadhead question?
    hey i was wondering if i could use broadheads like magnus stinger on my crossbow

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely! If any broadhead has the clearance, you can use it just as you use them on the compound bow!

    can i hunt deer with a feildpoint?
    i recently got a 180lb crossbow. i cant seem to find a good broad head i like,,,,when i shoot the broadheads ,,,,they fail miserably by like 10 ft off some times and no matter what allways in a different direction,,,,,,the field pointy is spot on every time ……ive been rifle hunting since i was seven and killed numerous bucks all 7pt or better no does,,,,im 17 now and this 2nd yr bow huinting ……but is my 1st season with a cross bow and im alittle unfamiliar with them and there capibilities ……….. so i was wondering could i use the field point for deer hunting with my crossbow ?

    • ANSWER:
      Let’s address the real problem here. There is something wrong with your setup. A crossbow will shoot broad heads as good as it shoots a field point. If it doesn’t start looking for the problem.

      Your fastest way to solve it is to take your cross bow to an archery shop that sells them.Have them look at your setup and what arrows you are using. They will then tell you the cause of the problem you are having.

      The most likely source of the problem is improper spined arrows. If that’s not it your crossbow needs to be adjusted right. The archery shop knows what needs to be done.

      Get it fixed, because it is worthless to you until you do.

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