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Horton Crossbow

The crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shots projectiles, often called bolts.

They date back as early as 600 BC in China. Historically, crossbows played significant roles in warfare in early Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean . In the beginning days they were made of wood, as man progressed he learned to use metals such as iron and steel, which made these weapons much more powerful, accurate and deadly. Early crossbow strings were made of hemp as it was one of *the strongest and least elastic fibers available. In ancient times the bolts for the stronger crossbows were several times heavier than arrows. An early advantage of the crossbow was that it was an ideal weapon for young boys, old men or a sick soldier. One of the disadvantages of the crossbow was that it could only shoot two bolts per minute, versus a skilled longbow user that could release between 10-12 arrows per minute. The crossbow was very popular with the ancient Greek and Roman armies .

Many conflicts were determined through the use of this weapon. As things progressed the crossbow was introduced to medieval Europe in the 11th century. Fashioning the bows themselves also required great technical skills. As crossbows evolved the early ones could be cocked by hand, but as man improved them and made them stronger, they became harder to cock. The Europeans also improved the crossbow's strength around 1370 AD.

They too began replacing wooden bows with metals. The crossbow was quite capable of penetrating the full armor of a knight. The increased power required a force greater than human muscle strength to cock. The foot stirrup evolved allowing humans to cock even stronger crossbows. One of the greatest developments in crossbow history was the “cocking rope” devise with two handles, which reduced pulling effort by 50%. Hand cranking devises were installed on crossbows, allowing the most powerful of all bows to be cocked. They were simply a hand crank that when turned pulled the string back. These improved crossbows were very accurate out to 360-400 meters. The crossbow remained a principle item in the arsenals of European armies until their gradual displacement by gunpowder throughout the 14th and15th centuries.

In modern times the crossbow remains popular. In Peru, they equip their soldiers with crossbows and ropes to establish zip lines in difficult terrain. Brazil's Jungle Warfare Training Center also trains their soldiers in the use of crossbows. The US has been known to use Horton, Excalibur & TenPoint crossbows in the Middle East theater. In Cambodia they have been successfully used to detonate trip wires for land mines and booby traps. In Serbia, Barnett crossbows are used as counter sniper weapons.

Today is a totally different ballgame. The ancients would roll over in their graves if they knew of the the high tech crossbows of today. With materials like fiberglass, carbon, high grade aluminum, ect, not available in ancient times, the crossbow has been refined into a modern day, state of the art, lethal weapon. Today's bolts, with razor blade broadhead, and aluminum / carbon materials for shafts have really made the crossbow a force to recon with.

TenPoint, Excalibur, Horton, and Barnett are among some of the most popular crossbows used today. These fine instruments are a huge market for hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change the string on my Horton Crossbow?
    I have an older (early 90s) Horton Hunter Crossbow that uses a 17″ Super String. I need to replace this string and I am not sure how. Please advise…

    • ANSWER:
      Take your crossbow to the nearest archery store. This isn’t something you can do yourself without the proper tools. You could hurt yourself or break the crossbow.

    horton legend 2 crossbow trade a tarus pt22 handgun good deal ?
    ok i am about to trade a tarus pt22 (22 lr pistol) i have two other 22lr pistols this one don’t care much for. thinking about trade it for crossbow make: Horton model: legend 2 crossbow is this a good crossbow and what does these cost new I only paid 0 for the pistol. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    just got a excalibur scope 4my horton crossbow scope says set volicetyof bow to scope,bow is 270 but scope say?
    250 -275-300-325 350 should i put at 250 or 275 or just adjust in-between it does not click just moves smooth from number to number scope is alumi zone by excalibur thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you enjoy your Horton as much as I enjoy mine. Good choice. Set your scope at 275. That’s the closest choice you have to the bow and if the adjustment gets bumped you can put it back where it was by dialing in 275 again. A little practice and you’ll be able to hit what you aim at. I now shoot mine without scope or sights. They’ll be more trouble than they’re worth after you get used to the bow.

    What Horton crossbow do you think is the best? But not over 0.00. Its a bday gift for my boyfriend.?
    I know its the brand that he likes but he has picked up like 3 diff. types so im kinda stuck. I dont want to let him order it cause i really wanted it to be a surprise. Can anyone help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Legend HD 175, a 175 pounds draw weight and arrow speed of 310 fps with 90 foot pounds of energy.

      Legend HD 175 Red Dot Package is under 0.00


      Should be a very good Cross Bow.

      One add states arrow speed at 310 fps other states 305 fps just to let you know.
      Any thing over 300fps is good.


    I have a Horton Crossbow it will not stay in cock position please help me if you can I want to shoot my bow bu?
    If you can help me out in anyway please I have tried many times and nothing is there something missing or what thanks for your time

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds like a problem worthy of a call to the maker.

    I have a Horton Safari Magnum crossbow. What size bolts does it use?
    What size bolts does it use?

    • ANSWER:
      about 20 inch

    horton crossbow summit questions before i buy?
    is this horton summit a nice sturdy crossbow ive shot one before and i was pretty good with and i liked so that is why this was my first choice and i can get it for 9.97 MOST IMPORTANTLY does this bow have nice knockdown power to drop a whitetail. please i want people who have experience with this bow or even other nice brands around 0 in case it matter im 14 and am looking to get a bow that will get 4 deer a year 1 buck and 3 does or just 4 does if you need a link to look at it just say so and ill give it to yah guys and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It would be a good starter bow for you. It would take out a deer if you hit it in the heart-lung area just behind the front shoulder.

      The bow shoots around 280 feet per second, and that will give it enough kinetic energy to kill deer with.

    What Grain Broad head is correct for the Horton Summit Crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      100 or 125 is fine, but make sure they are the same weight as the tips you used while setting/adjusting you sights.

    i was given a Horton legend 175 crossbow whats cheap & easy way to make a target that will stop an arrow?

    • ANSWER:
      The most cost efficient arrow target I have found is polyester pillow filling from wal-mart. Stuff a cardboard box tight with the filling and it will last for years and years. Once you shoot all 6 sides of the box, move the filling to a new box and repeat. Keep it dry when not in use and the target material will last “forever”. I’ve been shooting the same filling for close to 12 years and save cardboard boxes for the next time I need a new one. I’ve shot TV boxes, microwave boxes, UPS boxes, anything about 18″ wide or more will do just fine.

    how much would a horton crossbow ,the hunter supreme. when it was knew.?

    • ANSWER:
      The Horton official website (http://www.crossbow.com/crossbows) doesn’t display this model crossbow anymore. So, it’s hard to guess the original wholesale price of this; especially without a model number. However, you’re in luck; simply contact them at (800)-551-SHOT and they’ll most likely give you the last wholesale price of this model. Trust me, CALL THEM as it’s more accurate than internet search results and what others might say. ;)

    what would the max hunting range for deer with a horton 150lb hunter series crossbow?

    • ANSWER:
      I own and hunt with a Horton Crossbow myself and have for the last 8 years or so..I’ve taken Deer as far away as 65 yards, and I think that’s maximum distance.Or at the least what I was comfortable with at the time I took the shot…. That’s with a 20″ fiberglass bolt and a 100 grain Broadhead…Feather fletching..

      NOTE* As a Horton Dealer for the last 10 years, the manufacturer recommends Broadheads NO larger than 100 grains for Hunting purposes, they also advise against using short plactic vanes as a fletching for crossbow bolts, to be used in ANY Horton Model Crossbow………

    How to avoid dry firing a crossbow?
    I just purchased a new Horton Summit Crossbow and I am aware that dry firing is a big “no, no.” My question is: how do release my crossbow if it is ready to fire and I do not need to fire (after a day of hunting perhaps)?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to fire it to safley unload it. If you shoot at a stump or what not you will likley loose your bolt. And the other guy meant blunt tip

    Horton Legend SL Crossbow….?
    I recently bought a Horton Legend SL Crossbow used. And the tension cord on it ( the one that pushes the arrow out) was a little messed up and when I was shooting it it snapped. So I went out and bought a new one. But when I took off the old one to match it I didn’t check to see how it went around or anything. So basically I have a crossbow that doesn’t shoot now. I’m not very familiar with these so if anyone is could they please help me. I need to know how many times do I like wrap it around and or how do I change the tension. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Bummer. First, you should take it to an archery shop…They will need to use a crossbow vice to relieve the limbs enough to get it to coil properly and aligned. I would highly recommend NOT to do this on your own. Whenever my crossbow needs anything to do with the string or limbs, I take it in. There is a helluva lot of pressure on crossbows. It really shouldn’t cost you any more than – to have it strung and tuned. The limbs should be checked for fractures anyways if it was cocked when it snapped. Good luck!

    I have at least a 20 year old Horton sportsman crossbow in about 95% condition?
    wood stock, scope & case any thoughts on how much it would be worth thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunatly archery equipment do’s not hold it’s value as does firearms. The only way this bow would be worth much would be to a collector or to an individual who simply wants it “real bad” for whatever reason. If I had to guess I would say maybe $ 100.00 Good Luck!

    Can you use compound bow mechanical broadhead in a crossbow bolt?
    I just purchased a Horton Summit HD Crossbow and some additional bolts. I am wondering, can you use expandable broadheads that are designed for compound bows, such as the RAGE 2, in these bolts or do I need to purchase broadheads specifically for crossbow bolts?

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely! I shoot a Horton 175 HD with mechanicals and they perform flawlessly. Definatly go with 125 gr at minimum. I prefer them over fixed blades since they fly like a field point at 325 fps.

    Does any one know how long crossbow last and witch crossbows are the best.?
    how long do the strings last and is a horton crossbow good or a withc crossbows are the best?

    • ANSWER:
      If you keep the string well waxed it should last for hundreds of shots. The cause of failure in the bow string is usually wearing thru the serving. The serving protects the string itself. When it wears thru reserve the string before any strands break in the string. If any strand breaks the string is done.
      The life of the bow itself depends on how well you maintain it. The main thing you can do to promote longevity is to unstring the prod when you aren’t going to shoot for awhile. If you leave it strung for long periods the prod can take a set and loose power. I’m talking about a conventional bow, not a compound. Compound bows (the ones with the cams or wheels) can remain strung indefinitly. With normal care your bow should last a lifetime.
      I’ve used Horton products and think they are good value for the money .

    Max effective range for Horton 150lbs crossbow.?
    I am just learning the do’s and dont’s of stick slingin’ so take it easy on me.

    I have gotten to a point where I can consistantly place 20 inch composite arrows in a 4 inch circle at 45 yards (straight shot of course).

    For some reason in my mind I keep remembering that bows are not designed to really be effective beyond 30 or so yards. I can hit what I am aiming at well beyond that.

    My question is, what is the safe max distance that I can take a deer CLEANLY if I have a clear shot?

    I am using the Horton 150, 20 inch arrows with 100 grain expandables and iron “peep” type sites.

    I appreciate the input.
    I can hit what I am aiming at, but I want to make sure that there is enough energy at that range to make the kill….thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You can literally count on the fact that the kinetic energy is there with more than enough power to drop a Deer with the Horton “conventional sights” out to about 50 yards..Even further with a Crossbow Scope with a hold-over feature….
      You are only limited by your self-confidence and personal abilities….

    my question is Howe do I find out the age of the bow and if the draw wight is adjustable.the only numbers on the bow are f40157.I have tried to contact the manufacture with out any success

    • ANSWER:
      Hiya Jim, have you tried to get in touch with the Antique show on tv we watch it every night they might be able to help you, Dot.

    I bought my husband a crossbow for Christmas. What type of arrows should I buy to go with it?
    He knows about the sport but I know nothing. I want him to be surprised and also not have to exchange everything. The crossbow is a Horton Explorer XL150 with red dot. It comes with three pracitce arrows and tips. I have bought targets as well, what else does he need to get started. I usually do all my shopping over the internet so any advice would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      Sweeeet! What a lucky dude!

      Here’s what I’d recommend for bolts: http://www.eastonarchery.com/products/product/54

      Easton doesn’t sell these direct from online, but you can order them through various online sources or from a local shop. If you order online you’ll also have to order inserts, points, and nocks, and your man will have to install them. If you buy from a local shop they’ll assemble for you.

      With the targets you got, pls make sure they’re good enough to stop a crossbow bolt. Many generic arrow bags aren’t up to the task of stopping crossbow bolts and he could end up losing some pricey bolts.

      You’re awesome!

    What size arrows does a Horton Legend SL crossbow shoot? 16″, 18″, or 20-22″?

    • ANSWER:
      Almost impossible to find the exact length, but it would seem to be 20 inches. But recheck and make certain.I don’t know why it is not worded in more certain terms on the net.

    Thinking about buying a Horton Summit HD 150 Red Dot Crossbow Package 10 points!!!?
    Is it good? I mean i cant spend any more than 300$. So is it the best for 300$ you can get.

    10 points for best answer.
    Hunting whitetails

    • ANSWER:
      It’s a good buy for the money. You cannot get a better crossbow on the market for that amount of money.

    How can you tell what year a crossbow is?
    I just got a used Horton Yukon SL and I was wondering how you find out what year the crossbow is? There has to be a way to find out

    • ANSWER:
      You can talk to the good folks at horton


    Homemade Crossbow Target?
    Hi. I have a Horton crossbow with a 150lb draw and shoots around 270FPS. I’ve shot into Straw Bales at 20 yards(the bow is sighted for 20) and the arrows go in up to the feathers(i think that’s what there called) and when i pull them back or forward it tears them. So i am looking for a cheap homemade crossbow target.

    • ANSWER:
      Layer up some old carpeting.

    Horton Crossbows. Anyone educated on their differences?
    I had some great answers to my last question about crossbows. I did my homework and decided I want a Horton or Barnett and that I want a 150 or 175 lb. bow. I am leaning towards the Horton line. I notice there are different models such as the Legend, Legacy, Team Realtree, and Hunter, all of which I may be interested in. They all offer 150 and 175lb models–but what is the difference between them other than the name? Does anyone know? Please provide as much information as possible, or as they say, “tell me like i’m a 5 year old.”

    • ANSWER:
      There is some difference in the products, I will do my best to explain them.


      The main item about this line of crossbows are that they are traditional meaning they have recurve type limbs. It come with an adjustable stock that is very helpful. It also has a match grade trigger which is nice.


      This bow has cams at the end of its limbs. What this means is they are able to make the same power with having alot less limb hanging out. The only thing to worry about is that if you are hunting with the recurve type bow, the limbs may be an issue while walking threw the woods. The legend also has the same features as the legacy above including the match grade trigger. The Legend aslo has a more streamline type rifle stock instead of the typical crossbow style forearm.

      Team Realtree:

      This bow comes with many of the same features once again however, the limbs are fat body limbs and DO NOT CARRY the lifetime guarantee that the others do. Some of the things you will see on this crossbow are less quality controlled that that of the two above. It does NOT have an adjustable stock so if you go for it, make sure it fits you first !


      The Hunter is almost identical to the legend. The main difference is that the Hunter has the main stream crossbow stock that most will have.

      Quality ( Highest to lowest)

      Team Realtree

      and the prices should reflect that.

      all in alll they are all excellent crossbows and MUCH better than anything that Barnett offers ! If you wanted to compare the Hortons to another brand, I would check out the Parker line of crossbows.

      Hope this helps, Good Luck & Happy Shooting !!!

    Where are horton Crossbows made? Are they made in the USA?

    • ANSWER:

    Crossbow Hunting….Tips? Tricks?
    **Re-asking with a more appropriate title**

    For the first time in my life I am the proud owner of one of them stick throwers.

    I have managed to procure a very nice compound crossbow (Horton Legend LS). I have been shooting projectile weapons since I was 4, but have never fired a crossbow.

    I am aware of the basics of safety and sanity. Unfortunately, I am not aware ofthe following:

    - How to determine the proper bolt/arrow length?
    - What type of bolts/arrows should I purchase – Practice and Hunting?
    - What type of broadheads and how will each impact the flight or speed?
    - It has a basic peep site. What should I look into as an upgrade?

    Thanks guys.

    **All ANTI GUNNING AND ANTI HUNTING responses will either be deleted or reported based on the response. I don’t give a damnn about your opinion.
    Krytrons….is your response regarding Crossbows? No…Oh I see it was involving some drivel and FFL crap. I dont care if you are a gun enthusiast either. The question is about crossbows. Leave your drivel and opinions that have nothing to do with the question in “some other forum”.
    I wouldn’t place emphasis on intellectual standards either, especially if you are a “collector”.

    • ANSWER:
      I use a crossbow now and they are very good tools to use!
      As for bolt length you will have to check your manufacturers ratings on this one!
      This day and age carbon out last and out performs aluminum!
      Another tough one I use steel force or g5 teken heads with very good accuracy!
      I would look into a good Multi-Reticle scope!
      One tip for sure fire shooting is to use white out on your string to mark for proper alignement!

    Does anyone know if there are wild boars in Williams county Ohio?
    A relative told he thought he might have seen one and I would love to hunt pigs with my Horton crossbow or 20 gauge

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it seems they have been documented in the area. See the link. Give them a year or two and they’ll be everywhere. Be careful, those things can be dangerous.

    Is this a good crossbow starter pack?
    Eagle 1 crossbow 0
    Horton Rope Cocking Strap
    String wax/conditioner
    Flight rail/trigger lube +
    3.25 including tax

    • ANSWER:
      yea i would buy it

    I NEED A .knowledgeable archer’s advice on horton draw weight adjusment?
    I have HORTON LEGEND SL #40157 compound crossbow with one main limb bolt can anyone tell me if the draw Weight is adjustable.tried to contact the manufacture but recived no ans. and no response for a manual for the bow. it was purchesd used on e-bay.

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a gun

    Can you use a crossbow on a non crossbow target?? Would a round hay bale stop a 305fps bolt????
    Im shooting a horton team realtree 175 cross bow. I am ordering it and need to know whether a regular target would stop a bolt coming out of it at 305 fps and also with my regular 260fps compound i shoot at round hay bales would a round bale be addiquate for a bolt going that fast. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Problem with bolts is that it’s so short, that there’ll be nothing left outside the bale for you to pull.

    Some Crossbow Questions?
    I just bought my first crossbow (the Horton Summit HD 150) and I had a few questions about it. First, this bow shoots about 260 fps, is that an average amount for a crossbow? Second, is there a way to increase fps on a crossbow like getting a different string? Third, if you own a summit 150, what is your overall opinion about this for a first crossbow? And fourth, what type of broad head would you recommend for a crossbow?

    Also, my cousin accidentally dry-fired his Excalibur crossbow a few days ago and it broke the string on the crossbow. What I’m wondering is if there is no damage that you can see, can there still be a lot of damage done to the bow? And also, how much does it cost on average to get a new string installed? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The 260 feet per second is on the slow side for a crossbow. But if used for hunting, it wont be a major problem. In the bow hunting world it is accuracy that kills. And on most crossbows they come already set up at maximum poundage. It is what it is when you get it.

      It is a decent crossbow and a good first crossbow.
      Use a fixed blade broad head. Some good examples are the Slick Trick, the Muzzy, or the NAP thunderhead. They perform well, shoot well and leave an excellent blood trail. Good luck!

    Crossbow help?
    Hi everyone, I got a Horton Yukon Sl crossbow with 150lbs of pull on it. Do you know where i can get a mounted quiver and a case for a cheaper price?

    • ANSWER:
      Take a look at Cabelas – http://www.cabelas.com

    whats a goood crossbow brand?
    is parker, horton, barnett or excalibur good crossbows? im willing to spend bout 350$ max….i heard parkers good? im wanting to use it anywhere from small game like rabbits to deer sized game…any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Crossbow hunters and good brands?
    My grandfather is interested in purchasing a crossbow due to him being unable to pull back compounds anymore. He already received the legal application from his doctor and the game commission. What brands do the hunters out there reccommend? I heard Horton and Excalibur are good choices. Thanks.
    He said he wouldn’t mind spending a little extra money if he knew it was a good brand either.

    • ANSWER:
      Marvelous! It’s nice to see other people getting into crossbow hunting.

      I am only 34, but with a blown disc in my neck and a torn rotator (from 15 years of masonary) I ended up doing the same thing. My first bow was a Ten Point Profusion with the Accudraw 50. There wasn’t much I didnt like about it. The 3 dot scope was nice until……

      I then got a Horton HD 175 with the 5 crosshaired scope! I really liked the optics on the HD better, since it is intended for that bow and I ended up sighting it in up to 60 yards. (20, 30, 40, 50, 60) -and it was as, if not more, accurate than the Ten Point and about 300$ cheaper.

      Don’t get me wrong, T.P. makes a heck of a bow, but I was plesantly suprised how well Horton preformed.

      There are a ton of other bows out there to shoot from, and if you cant find a place that will let you trial-shoot a bow before you buy, I believe you can take the T.P and Horton to the bank! They are both terriffic bows. Don’t forget to buy a sling!! -they are heavier than he!! to pack out to your stand just by carrying it!! Hunt safe. Shoot straight.

    What is a good type of bow to use for hunting?
    I just purchased my first crossbow. It is a Horton Summit 150. I’ve never used a crossbow before and I was just curious as to what is a good bow (Ammunition) to use? Also What is a good type of Tip aswell?

    • ANSWER:
      Big game requires broad heads, I use Muzzy.
      For small game a blunt or judo point will do.
      For target use a field point.

      Arrow shafts for cross bows, I recomend aluminum Easton Game Getters.

    how to sight in a red dot crossbow scope?
    i have a horton steelforce but i dont know how to sight in the red dot scope

    • ANSWER:
      there should be two adjustment posts on the top and left side of the scope. those are your windage and elevation. it takes some trial and error to sight it in, but it should be easy enough.

    Get answers from millions of real people.?
    I am having trouble lining my Horton crossbow 150lb summit this is my first one and I need some tips. I have read manuel and still can’t seem to get lined up. Is 85gran mechanical brodhead big enough for deer hunting. Are they suppost to come with a sound stopper limb pad?

    • ANSWER:
      First I would not use the ultra light 85 grain broad head on a cross bow- use the 100 or 125 grain broad heads with the cross bow. You didn’t say if it was a pin sight or a scope, but here is how it is lined up with pins- put the target out to 30 yards- shoot the bullseye or what ever aiming point that is in the middle of the target- if the arrow hits 5 inches high and 4 inches to the right-you will need to move the pin up and to the right in small increments until the arrow is hitting where the pin is set at- the thing to remember is that you have to move the pin the same direction that the arrow hit-if the arrow hits high- move the pin up – if it hits left or right , move the pin in the direction of the arrow- always.
      If you have a scope on the bow, you need to have a friend to help you , it will make it simple and easy- bench rest the bow using sand bags or pillows , any thing to stabilize the bow- aim at the bullseye- after you shoot keep the bow very still and keep the scope aimed at the bullseye- have your friend move the cross hairs or dots on the scope to the arrow in the target- do not allow the sight to move while he is adjusting it- if you don’t move the sight, it will be perfectly zeroed in with just one shot. I don’t believe the cross bows by Horton has the sound suppressors on it.Good luck!

    whats a good, quality brand of crossbow?
    so im looking for a crossbow to hunt with. I am looking for something that will be strong enough to take down a buck during season. I really dont know anything about them except that i would rather have a crossbow then a regular bow. I have been looking online and in stores and i have seen some brands such as Barnett and Horton also Ten Point. I not looking to spend 1000 dollars or anything something about half that or less. I really dont know what to look for in a crossbow honestly, I NEED SOMETHING THAT IS GONNA TAKE DOWN A DEER DURING SEASON. So, whats a good draw weight, feet per second and really anything else that is gonna help me out i would really appreciate.

    Thanks to all.

    • ANSWER:
      Look at the Barnett line up of crossbows. They make a good product at reasonable prices. I would get the package deal so some money can be saved. I would not get a draw weigh less then 150 lbs.The Barnett Quad 400 offers a crossbow of 150 lbs, and 345 feet per second. It can be bought for a little over 0 but you may have to get a rope cocking device or cranking device seperately. I don’t believe it is included in the package deal. But look over their entire lineup and see what one would suit you the best.Good luck!
      Here is a link to the Barnett line up-


    Recurve Crossbow vs. Compound Crossbow?
    I’m not sure if there is a real advantage/disadvantage to either of them. I’m torn between two brands, Excalibur and Horton, the former manufactures recurve, the latter both. Can someone give me some pros and cons about these different types of crossbows. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I can only tell you this. I shot a recurve crossbow that a friend brought to the house to set the sights on.It was fast, and had a tremendous amount of power. And when you used the winch to cock it back it snapped and popped so much it scares you to death because you keep thinking it’s going to explode any minute. All that power held back on the limbs can’t be good for the bow. While the compound bow has the same amount of power, it has a let off that actually makes you feel more at ease with the bow.I consider the compound crossbow a lot safer and easier to shoot. It’s like my friend said about the recurve crossbow as we were setting the sights
      ” be careful with that thing, it’s more dangerous then a rattle snake” Now don’t get me wrong. I know that it was all in my mind, but I really don’t want a worried mind when I am 30 foot up a tree.

    what is a good broadhead to use with crossbow?
    have a horton explorer 175

    • ANSWER:
      You can shooy any broadhead. Bow or crossbow doesn’t matter. I have had problems with broadheads in the past. But this year I am using a Rocky Mountain Snyper 100 (2 blade). It is a mechanical so it flies like a feild-point. But it cams open from the back, so it still leaves a good entrance wound. I shot a doe with one, this year, and it blew straight through her and sunk into a tree behind her (little over an inch, into the tree). It left a gaping hole in and out, great blood trail.

    viper crossbows a good bow to use in the woods?
    going pig hunting in sept and using the crossbow for 1st time on the hunt just asking how it sakes up with other crossbows like the horton as well as the excalibur my viper has 150 pull

    • ANSWER:
      Pigs (boars) are tough critters. 150 lb. crossbow with a heavy, fixed blade broadhead will work well at normal archery ranges but don’t be tempted to take too long of a shot. Crossbows lose velocity faster than you would think. Remember that a boar’s kill zone is a little lower than a deer’s, be sure to put it low, behind the shoulder and you’ll be eating boar bacon in no time.

    Good entry level crossbow?
    I’ve heard good things about Parker’s and Horton’s. Any thoughts for somebody on a tight budget?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a good search for eBay

    crossbow need help????????????
    i have a horton legacy hd 200 and when i go to cock it the string wont stay cocked it just falls back down its like its not staying cocked once you pull it all the wya up it was working but after a few shots it messed up like this what do i do ????

    • ANSWER:
      There is something sticking or broken in the part that holds the string back.(trigger mechanism) Your best bet is to take it to an archery shop that sells crossbows and get them to check it out.

    how to make a crossbow target that my arrows wont go through to far or get stuck?
    i have a horton hawk sl its got a 150 lb. pull and can shoot full size arrows so i dont know what to shoot it gets stuck in trees and will go through a regular arrow target i tryed shooting a trailer (mobile home) and it want through it only with the fletching sticking out it went through the outer wall through two cabinet walls and an interior wall i want to shoot it but dont want to waist arrows they are exspensive
    remember were talking about a 150 lb. crossbow not a 60 pound bow or anything like that this thing is brutal

    • ANSWER:
      We used to shoot bamboo slivers through pastry boards with the little Malay hunting crossbows
      Hang a thick wet blanket folded into half a dozen layers and put a board six feet behind it. We use them to stop bullets on temporary ranges . OK for rounded points, not hunting points Stops .762 at 100 yards 9mm pistol at 20 yards.
      Otherwise make sacks of earth, sand, straw, use bales, etc. Wet stops them better. Permanent ranges have sandbanks for bullets. Line up the targets in front of the sandbank, sieve the sand to get spent rounds out.

    which cross bow is better for huntin white tail, overall ( quality, aim, , etc)?
    Barnett Panzer Crossbow Kit with 16 in Arrows on http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3223917#1, OR Tacoma by Horton TRAC 150 Crossbow on http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2928923, Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The Horton

    What’s are some good crossbows for under 0?
    I’m looking to buy a crossbow as I’m interested in it as a hobby. I’m not sure what to get. I heard horton’s good, but at least for now I’d like to stay in the 0 – 0 range. What are some good crossbows in this range (power, fps, accuracy, reliability, easiness to use / load)?

    • ANSWER:
      Check Wizard Crossbow:


    Good crossbows under 0?
    I’m looking to buy a crossbow as I’m interested in it as a hobby. I’m not sure what to get. I heard horton’s good, but at least for now I’d like to stay in the 0 – 0 range. What are some good crossbows in this range (power, fps, accuracy, reliability, easiness to use / load)?

    • ANSWER:
      For under 0, I would recommend a Wizard crossbow package. It comes with everything you need to start with. You can check the wizard crossbow review here:


    Entry level crossbows?
    I’m talking way entry level…less than 200 dollars like the Horton tacoma or Barnett Panzer V? What is the best out these entry level ones? What type of range are we looking at? I think I’d rather go with recurve… Something that will last forever and only have to buy new strings for.. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Sportsmansguide.com has several.

    how to make a crossbow target that my arrows wont go through to far or get stuck?
    i have a horton hawk sl its got a 150 lb. pull and can shoot full size arrows so i dont know what to shoot it gets stuck in trees and will go through a regular arrow target i tryed shooting a trailer (mobile home) and it want through it only with the fletching sticking out it went through the outer wall through two cabinet walls and an interior wall i want to shoot it but dont want to waist arrows they are exspensive

    • ANSWER:
      If you value your arrows, get a bow target. You’ll very likely shoot it for several years if you get something like the Block. Homemade targets are fine if you don’t mind them failing, tearing up your fletching, or losing an arrow due to over penetration.

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