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The crossbow is a combination of an archery bow and a rifle. The standard archer’s bow it uses a string to launch ammunition. However, like a rifle, it has a trigger that releases the string.

Advantages of a Crossbow

The nice feature of the crossbow when compared to other bows is there is less physical strength needed to draw the bow as compared to a traditional bow. The crossbow user can draw the string, cock it, and leave the string while taking aim. More traditional bows require the archer to hold the bow at full draw while aiming. In addition, to draw a crossbow requires the use of the archer’s buttock and thigh muscles. These muscles are much stronger than the arm and chest muscles required of a standard bow user.

Crossbow Physics

The crossbow of today is made of strong lightweight materials. The bow is simply a spring. If you compress a spring or pull a spring from either end it stores potential energy that is released as kinetic energy when the spring is released and returns to its normal shape.

The same thing happens to a crossbow. When you draw the bow, the limbs or tips move closer to the archer. When the string is let go the bow returns to its standard shape. The movement of the bow back to its original shape is what launches the projectile.

Energy Stored

The amount of energy in a bow depends on its draw weight and draw length. The draw weight is the strength needed to pull the bowstring back. The draw length is the distance between the string at rest and the string fully pulled back. A bow can hold energy equal to the draw weight times the draw length divided by two. In other words, the power of a bow depends on how much strength it takes to pull back the string of the bow and how far back you can pull it. Bow makers express this strength in terms of the bow’s energy measured in joules and the arrow’s speed in feet per second.

Factors that affect the draw weight and draw length

The size of the bow can change a bow’s power. A longbow is more powerful than a short bow. The shape of the bow affects speed of the projectile. For example, recurve bows have bows that curve away from the archer and this shortens the bracing height. As a result extra momentum is forced onto the projectile. The composition of the bow can also affect is power. A bow’s tensile strength and density determine not only the amount of energy it holds but also how quickly and exactly it can return to its original shape. Today’s bows use different materials in different parts of the bow to better serve that particular part or function of the part.

As you can see the crossbow works like a spring. As the spring is compressed, or the bowstring drawn back energy get stored as potential energy. When the trigger of the crossbow is released, like the spring, the crossbow will return to its original resting state dispensing the potential energy it stored as kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is responsible for launching the ammunition at high velocity.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most powerful crossbow in the world?

    • ANSWER:
      Ugh, old people.

      No offense old-timers, but google is NOT magic. Google is the first thing you go to, but still, the person who pays the most gets the top, the value of the website doesn’t mean anything.

      I could say the most powerful cross-bow in the world is the one I made out of rubber bands and pencils, and if I could somehow pay enough, I’ll bet google would put it up the top.

      Seriously, you older people should know this:
      There is no substitute for experience.

      Also I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answer to your question.

      But you could try refining your search.
      Try something along the lines of:

      “what crossbow has the highest drawback weight”

      Or something along those lines.

    Whats the most powerful recurve crossbow available to buy?
    I have a 175lb crossbow, but I was just wondering is there a more powerful RECURVE crossbow? I don’t want a compound, I prefer recurve.

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      It would be the Excalibur crossbow- they have at least 2 models that have a 225 lb draw weight. Here is a link to them-


    What’s the name of the make and model of the world’s most powerful hunting crossbow?
    How fast can it propel its arrows?

    • ANSWER:
      I got this information off the internet. But each manufacturer claims to have the most powerful crossbow made in their lineup so take this information with a grain of salt

      Predator AVI, The Most Powerful Crossbow from Barnett Crossbows

      * IBO SPEED: 375
      * MASS WEIGHT: 8
      * AXEL TO AXEL:
      * DRAW WEIGHT: 175

      Voila… the predator has come. Predator AVI is the most powerful crossbow on the market, the preferred crossbow of the season. Presented by Barnett Crossbows, Predator AVI is the real predator and it will give you cool comfort and adjustability. This crossbow is the first patented crossbow of its kind. It is supported by new AVI limb system from Barnett, which has high-technology. The new AVI limb system is a good mixture of re-designed, high-velocity cam and cable system.
      Predator AVI has these technical specifications: 175 draw weight, 133 ft lbs of energy, 16″ power stroke, and 375 fps IBO Speed. While the dimensions of this crossbow has the specifications like this: 8 lbs weight, 37″ length, 22.38″ width, and 38 1/2″ string length. Predator also features crank compatible, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable rear stock, and RealTree APG HD Camo Finish. It is more interesting to know that The Predator is completed with a crossbow kit with quick detach quiver and four 22″ arrows. You also can have rope cocking device, and choice of either Premium Red Dot Scope or 4X32 Multi Reticle Scope.

    which is the most powerful crossbow ?

    • ANSWER:
      Barnet advertises its Predator AVI crossbow as being the fastest on the market. Here is a link to it.


    What is the most powerful bow (not crossbow) in the original fable for xbox & how do I get it?

    • ANSWER:
      The Answer will_smith_the_white gave is incorrect.

      The most powerful bow in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters is Skorm’s Bow (it has lightning and sharpening augmentations, and does 264 damage), which can be obtained in Darkwood Chapel of Skorm. The entrance to the Chapel can be found in Darkwood Camp, a place you will stop for a short time in while doing the Trader Escort Quest.

      However, getting to the Chapel is the easy part. Getting the Bow (which is a Legendary Weapon) is the tricky part, as your sacrifice at the Chapel must meet certain conditions (such as current alignment) or else your sacrifice will only net you evil points. There is actually a bit of debate as to what is the *correct* way to get the Bow. Below are some options.

      Here’s what to do (if you’re completely neutral):

      1. Walk to the Chapel of Skorm

      2. Teleport to Oakvale, and hire the mercenary in the near the Graveyard entrance

      3. Recall/Teleport back to the Chapel

      4. Teleport to Bowerstone South and hire the mercenary in the Tavern

      5. Recall/Teleport back to the Chapel

      6. Save your game in a new slot (to fall back on should you mess up)

      7. Enter the Chapel and approach one of the worshippers

      8. Wait unitl midnight (when the sky clock shows the horizon
      line as being completely horizontal. In Lost Chapters, a voice will also say, “Lights out, you horrible lot!” at midnight)

      9. Wait for the mercenary to take his pay (you will notice your money bag depleting on the bottom of the screen)

      10. Talk to a worshipper to sacrifice a mercenary
      NOTE: Be sure to use the yellow Y button to skip dialog

      11. Talk to the worshipper again to sacrifice the other mercenary
      NOTE: You need to make both sacrifices after the midnight, but before the next payment

      12. Enjoy the most powerful bow in the game
      NOTE: If you mess up, you can always reload. The first link in my sources outlines what I’ve already told you (it’s under “4) Getting Skorm’s Bow”).

      As noted above, your current alignment plays a big part in when you need to make the sacrifices. The second link in my sources is on if your evil fills up half the bar. Just Find ([Cntrl]+F) “SB~” (without the quotes). This link suggests that half-evil characters need to wait until 6 a.m. to make the sacrifices.

      The third link in my sources is another option when obtaining Skorm’s Bow. Refer to Section IV of the FAQ. This option has you sacrifice one mercenary at 11 p.m. and the other at midnight.

      The fourth link in my sources has another good option. Refer to the “5.9 – Temple of Skorm” section in the FAQ.

      NOTE: I’ve tested the first, third, and fourth options before, and have been successful with all three. There seems to be a bit of randomness involved, so you may not get the Bow right away even if you follow the steps to a ‘T’. Just keep at it, and you’ll eventually get the Bow.

    Most powerful gun not requiring a liscence in the UK?
    I don’t know much about guns.

    What would be the most powerful projectile weapon I could buy legally without any kind of licence, or registration?

    I imagine it will be some kind of gas gun.

    Whatever your answer, how powerful is it in terms I can understand? Terms I can understand would be “Would blow someone’s leg off” (I’m expecting nothing can do this without a licence), “would require a trip to the hospital if shot from 100 meters, but not life threatening”, or “wouldn’t hurt a kitten”.

    Would a catapult, crossbow, or some other weapon be better? Do any of them require permits?
    Penetrate the skin and hurt a lot? If a mad axeman breaks in, and fire into his face, will he fall over long enough for me to smash him over the head with a brick?

    • ANSWER:
      You can legally buy a 12ft lb air rifle without any licence.All you have to do is sign the book and give them your adress and thats it.

      12ft lb is the legal limit without a firearms licence.Some air rifles go up to 80 ft lb which is very powerfull for air rifle standards they are called FAC rifles.

      It wouldnt blow someones leg off but it would penetrate the skin and hurt allot

      I have a 12ft lb air rifle and its quite powerfull

      edit:if you shot a burgular in the face with a 12ft lb rifle you would probably kill him.I dont recommend it but its up to you what you do with it.

    What to use for crossbow?
    I’m going to make a crossbow, most likey out of wood, but i’m not sure what to use for the arm, so anybody have any ideas and how much it costs and where to get it. It needs to be powerful, possibly big game hunting. Reason im makin one is it is cheaper and i like making things.

    • ANSWER:
      I have seen home crossbows made with leif springs from a car. You need to be strong to string it and your trigger mechanism needs to be hearty. Simpler to purchase or make a long/recurve bow.

    Best archer?
    In your opinion, what makes for the most powerful ranged damage dealing character in D&D. They can use a bow, thrown weapons, crossbow, etc. How bout 8th level and a maximum of 27,000 gold. What should be done for the best one? What race, class, feats, skills, items, etc. Just looking for other peoples opinions.

    • ANSWER:
      The Archer Scout is a very skilled member of specialized military groups who rely on stealth and skill rather than brute force to track down tough opponents, learn what they can about them, and cause enough damage from long range that the enemy loses its heart for a fight. They spend weeks out in the wilderness at a time, harrying various opponents behind enemy lines for almost the entire patrol. The life of an Archer Scout is a lonely and tough one, but not one without its rewards. Most Archer Scouts were Rangers or Fighters at some point in their careers, although the occasional Rogue or Monk will fill in the ranks of this specialized role.

      BAB: +5
      Skills: Hide 6 ranks, Knowledge (Nature) 5 ranks, Listen 6 ranks, Move Silently 6 ranks, Spot 6 ranks.
      Feats: Weapon Focus (any bow except crossbows), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot.
      Weapon and armor proficiency: Must be proficient with bows (any type except crossbows) and light armor.
      Special: The Archer Scout must be chosen to join the ranks of the elite unit by that unit’s commander.

      Hit Die: D6
      Weapon and armor proficiency: The Archer Scout gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.
      Class Skills (and related ability): Climb (Str), Heal (Wis), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Geography) (Int), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str).
      Skill points at each level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

      Level; BAB; F/R/W; Special
      1; +1; +2/+2/+0; Endurance (Diehard), Track
      2; +2; +3/+3/+0; Uncanny Dodge
      3; +3; +3/+3/+1; +1d6 Ranged Precision
      4; +4; +4/+4/+1; Evasion
      5; +5; +4/+4/+1; Nature’s Grace
      6; +6; +5/+5/+2; Improved Ranged Precision +2d6
      7; +7; +5/+5/+2; Low-light Vision
      8; +8; +6/+6/+2; Keen Senses
      9; +9; +6/+6/+3; Far Shot
      10; +10; +7/+7/+3; Eye of the Hawk, Mastered Ranged Precision +3d6
      11; +11; +7/+7/+3; Camoflage
      12; +12; +8/+8/+4; Shot on the Run
      13; +13; +8/+8/+4; It’s a Trap!
      14; +14; +9/+9/+4; Hide in Plain Sight
      15; +15; +9/+9/+5; Hail of Arrows

    Why were muskets used over crossbows, and bow and arrows?
    In the 1700s during the revolution, colonists most used weapon was a musket. While muskets were guns there accuracy was terrible and the rate of fire was even worse. Rifles were a little more effective but were invented later.

    So my question is, why muskets? Why didn’t the colonists just use bow and arrows? Longbows were quite powerful and had significant aim. Cross bows were even more advanced. Crossbows seem so much more logical, so why did we use muskets. I need detail please. Thanks

    By the Way, I am not talking about bayonets, that’s whole different story.

    • ANSWER:
      Because even muskets had much greater range than the longbow or crossbow. That, and the smoke and noise generated by the use of black powder muskets. Technically, a musket is simply a muzzle-loading firearm — and there were rifled muskets being made prior to the war you refer to, although they were rarely used in battle. The type of musket used at the time was the flintlock musket. The book “Last of The Mohicans” is Historically correct, mostly, taking place during the “French and Indian War” of the 1750s, and the character “Hawkeye” is referred to by the Huron and the French as “La Longue Carabine” — meaning “The Long Rifle”; in this case “rifle” refers to a musket, whether it is rifled or not is not known.

      It actually takes less time to load, aim and shoot a flintlock musket than it does an 18th-century crossbow with enough power and range to be truly effective against an 80-yards distant enemy. And the musket ball doesn’t actually have to kill, all it has to do is hit — a large-bore lead musket ball (and at that time, they were all large-bore) is quite capable of breaking bone at a distance of 80 yards.

      It takes years of training to be an effective military longbow shooter. It takes only two days to become an effective flintlock musket shooter, and perhaps only two weeks to become a “sharp-shooter” with a flintlock musket. This is the reason why, even though longbows are easily produced, even Benjamin Franklin did not insist that the “Colonists” use longbows.

      And has been pointed out, bayonets had been in use for most (if not all) of the 1700s. Fixed to those long flintlock muskets, they made excellent pikes for killing cavalry horses — or killing cavalry soldiers. Plus, when the ammunition (powder and ball) ran out, or the flint wore out/broke — or if the enemy was that close, they allowed the musket to be used as a spear (no, not a throwing spear – a thrusting spear. yes, there IS a difference).

      BTW, if a flintlock musket’s accuracy was so terrible poor, how did anyone ever kill anything with them? I mean, they was used to put meat on the table — including squirrel meat. Squirrels are notoriously hard to hit, even with a modern rifle at only 20 yards……. What’d they do, run up and club them squirrels with the flintlock musket? Nah, the poor accuracy were mostly ’cause of the milit’ry habit of usin’ balls smaller ’round than the bore to make loadin’ go faster — allowin’ the ball to rattle ’round in the barrel.

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