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Semi Automatic Crossbow

It turns out the industry of Crossbow Bolts is about as monopolized as any industry can get. Tragic as it may seem, this practice destroys the principles of free enterprise. It is only the poor uninformed consumer who bears the brunt of too many middlemen.

These are short little arrows that range in length from 8″ for pistol crossbows and are usually 20″ -22″ for rifle crossbows. The Crossbow bolt or Crossbolt is stiffer and heavier than a conventional arrow due to the increased poundage capability of the crossbow versus the conventional bow. Recent development in carbon fiber technology has transcended the old bendable aluminum bolt into oblivion. Carbon bolts are superior in flight characteristics and durability. This manufacturerprovides a solution http://0059e80.netsolhost.com/

The Crossbow bolts can be equipped with a target point or an insert that accepts a screw in field tip or broadhead suitable for hunting. The crossbow is still used in our times by various militaries, tribal forces and in China even by the police forces. As their worldwide distribution is not restricted by regulations on arms, they are used as silent weapons and for their psychological effect, even reportedly using poisoned projectiles. Crossbows are used for ambush and anti-sniper operations or in conjunction with ropes to establish zip-lines in difficult terrain.

The cost of a dozen quality bolts from varying manufacturers and distributors ranged from -0 for six retail. The most inexpensive distributor cost buying 600 pieces was .95 per six bolts. I was able to locate one manufacturer that sells them to anyonewithouthaving to be a dealer or distributor. Here’s the link

http://0059e80.netsolhost.com/Enjoy this article and benefit from it’s information

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any semi/fully automatic pistol crossbow that aren’t home made existing today?
    Meaning they’d be sold widespread by a manufacturer from a factory, not home made from YouTube videos.

    We have the technology right?

    There was this one I found on the internet but it seems to be home made:


    The bow is said to be gas operated, but since it isn’t a gun, the tank fitted in the stock is assumed to be the “gas”, like a C02 tank.

    • ANSWER:
      …that’s the gun from Van Helsing…
      A medicore 2004 movie.

    How many boxes of sudafed can I buy in Ohio?
    So don’t get the wrong idea. This is not for cooking crystal meth. This is because I don’t trust my government and would like to be able to stock pile medicine (regardless of its legality) so that in a crisis I can have medicine.

    I also have stock piles of legally owned handguns and semi-automatic rifles as well as hunting rifles, crossbows, bows and general camping and survival supplies. Medication is a HUGE part of surviving for any period of time.

    I would like to know just how many boxes of sudafed I can purchase per time at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and anywhere else. How many can I buy per month? Per day? Per week?

    • ANSWER:
      You need medication alright.

    can some one from quebec canada translate/conjugate/correct for me please? 200 points for best answer?
    heres the french part, english to follow bonjour, et bienvenue à notre projet français sur la chasse et de la sécurité. Tout d’abord, nous aimerions commencer par l’histoire de la chasse. à ceux qui nous regardent
    cela, nous aimerions que vous sachiez que nous sommes en suivant le protocole de sécurité. oui, l’histoire de la chasse remonte au commencement de l’homme. la chasse était la principale
    source de nourriture. dans certains cas, les gens utilisent encore la chasse et le piégeage en tant que principale source de viande il. dans les temps anciens qu’ils chassaient avec des lances et des élingues et
    des arcs et des plus modernes jours, carabines et les fusils et les arbalètes. chasser le cerf de personnes et d’autres oiseaux aquatiques gros gibier et petit gibier comme les marmottes et les écureuils
    une certaine sécurité de base est
    # 1dont point l’arme à quelqu’un, chargé ou non,
    # 2do ne fonctionne pas avec une arme à feu. Ne pas transporter une arme chargée.
    3Appuyez toujours # garder votre arme enfermé.
    et savons que

    nous allons vous montrer quelques positions de tir proprement dit, la règle 1 faire u ne vous ont un os au contact de l’os, et tendue n’avez pas jusqu’à
    couché position
    accroupi position
    debout en position
    Assurez-vous que le pistolet est enfoncée dans les épaules, ne pas coller de vos os.
    il ya des semi-automatique, à répétition et des armes entièrement automatique, il ya double barillet, OverUnder, et des fusils à pompe, et il ya des arcs classiques, arcs à poulies
    arcs droite. Lors de la chasse, vous devez porter de l’orange ou rouge pour que vous avez tiré arent.
    et assurez-vous de votre cible,
    and english,
    French to English translation
    Hello, and welcome to our French project on hunting and security. Firstly, we would begin with the story of the hunt. those who are watching
    this, we would like you to know that we are following the security protocol. yes, the history of hunting dates back to the beginning of man. Hunting was the main
    food source. in some cases, people still use hunting and trapping as the main source of meat there. In ancient times they hunted with spears and slings and
    bows and modern-day rifles and guns and crossbows. people hunt deer and other big game waterfowl and small game like squirrels and woodchucks
    some basic security is
    # 1dont point the weapon at anyone, loaded or not,
    # 2do not working with a firearm. Do not carry a loaded weapon.
    # 3Always keep your gun locked up.
    and know that

    we’ll show you some actual firing positions, Rule 1, dont have any bone on bone contact, and do not tense up
    lying position
    squatting position
    standing position
    Make sure the gun is pressed into the shoulders, do not stick to your bones.
    there are semi-automatic weapons repeatedly and entirely automatic, there is a double barrel, OverUnder, and shotguns, and there are recurve, compound bows
    arcs right. When hunting, you must wear orange or red for that arent you shot.
    and make sure of your target

    • ANSWER:
      It’s impossible to give 200 points for a best answer – the best answer is awarded with 10 points. Don’t lie, and don’t give us whole essays to read and correct.

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